Luxury apartment reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

At the beginning there was an old devastated apartment needed reconstruction. In area of 51 m² the task was to solve the lack of storage space and do not fill the space with wardrobes. For the maximum usage we designed customized furniture.

At the beginning of this project there was an old devastated apartment calling for reconstruction. In the apartment area of 51 m² the main task was to solve the lack of storage space and at the same time to do not fill the space with wardrobes. For the maximum space usage we designed all the furniture as made-to-measure. We hang part of the kitchen furniture on the wall to optical diminish floor area. During the day prevails the only colorful element - green wall in the living room, which is overgrown by living plant.

Living room connected to the kitchen with a living plant

Daily space of the luxury apartment was designed to have planty of storage space and do not act full. Using the same materials we have achieved visual homogenity of the space. We united the floor with parquets, we used the same living room paneling also in the kitchen. We hung most of the furniture on the wall to it does not optical dimish room area.

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Work desk and shelf under the TV

White shelves on the paneling wall serve a function as a work desk and shelves under the television. All big devices, computer, hi-fi components, we put to the kitchen kit to do not disturb clean lines of the living room. Shelves have the perfect height to be suitable for insert of sliding fitings with storage space for tiny items.

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Foyer as a part of a day-zone

We have designed entrances to the luxury apartment in that way to on the first sight show that this is not an ordinary reconstruction. Doors to wash area and bathrooms are made of frostee glass with to the entire height of the room. MIrror on the foyer wall optical extends this corridor and multiplies the effect of the perspective. As a floor covering are used largescale gres floor tiles, on the left is wooden wardrobe.

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Enlargement of apartment day part

In small apartments, where is the assumption that there will live two persons of the similar age and similar day regime, is meaningless to divide space into zones or into smaller units. On the contrary, t is reasonable to open at full blast so the day part act as a one big room. In this case we connected living room with kitchen and also with foyer.

Overhead kitchen countertop

Overhead kitchen countertop makes the floor maintenance under the furniture easier and at the same time it optical enlarges floor area of day zone. We designed led lights on the overhanged parts of the furniture, which intensify the impress of airy space. Colorful led lights are synchronized in the all parts of the apartment.

Grey custom corner sofa

There was necessary to use each centimeter of the living room and sofas from shores did not fit for us with their measurements. Right side of sofa is used for seating during the watching TV. Left side is big and hard enough to serves as occasional bed. Seat cover is grey fabric. We used the same material for bed uphalstery.

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Maximum storage space utilization

Atypical furniture allowed us to utilize also the unusual space, in this case the space in pull-out drawers in work desk and in the shelf under the TV. Table and shelf is supported by steel brackets anchored ro the wall, allowing us a comfortable floor maintenance below them.

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Multimedia kitchen with hi-fi cabinet

We designed white kitchen with built-in appliances in the same level with bedroom door. In the high part of the kitchen is in addition to storage space also cabinet for multimedia, which protects hi-fi components against the dust. Stainless steel kitchen blind hides space for small appliances and components, which you need to have at hand but not on eyes while cooking.

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The internal equipment of the fully built-in kitchen with hi-fi box

We proposed all the important functions of the space to the kitchen wall. There is a food storage space, cupboard space and multimedia center of the apartment. Hi-fi box contains hi-fi components and computer. In the right side is stainless steel blind, which hides the mass on the countertop and all the accessories you need to nave on hand but not on eyes.

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Daily view to the interior

During the day is the dominance of the space live plant located on the wall bebind the TV. At night this role is taken by lighting scenarios, where you can with one button chnge the character if tge kughtubg of the entire apartment. The user has the option from the choice of intense light that imitate daylight, halogen mood light, or color LED lighting.

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Live plant on the wall

This green plant is alive and thanks to large spread space of the foliage it releases the water to the space what mitigates the negative effects of air-conditioning which dries the air. Plant with its green color brings to the interior space a piece of living nature and it makes a natural counterpart to the electric equipment and technology used in the interior.

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Cold bedroom with gres wall

We have designed a minimalistic bedrooom without unnecessary decoration, which would disrupt clean design of the space and good sleep of the owner. Gres large-scale wall paneling on the opposite side of bed makes the bedroom chilly, what is the essential precondition for good sleep. Gray bed is custom made of the same fabric as the sofa in the living room.

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Storage space in bedroom

Bedroom disposition didn't allow us to use the entire length of the wall, therefore we designed self-standing cabinets. White-mirrored wardrobe with sliding doors is big enough to store clothing for two people. Wardrobe has its own lighting that turns on after the sliding of doors, if there is shadow inside the room.

Luxury bathroom with large-scale paneling

Luxuriosly renovated bathroom with toilet has a floor shape of the wall. On the one side are located entry doors, on the other side is located shower with heated stair step. Behind the sliding doors made of frosted glass is located toilet with bidet spray. Bathroom has plenty of storage space, which is designed to be unvisible and accessible at the same time.

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View from shower counter

We designed the bathroom entrance door made of frosted glass, which let the daylight go through during the day. Bathroom fittings are concealed so water exposed area are reduced to the surface parts, what prolong its lifespan. We have located a mirror cabinet with the height of the room on the opposite toilet wall, which contains the main storage space in the bathroom.

Toilet with bidet shower and odor exhaust

Toilet is separated from the bathroom with door made of frosted glass, what is not useful from the practical reason, because special flushing system connected to the fan ensures odors exhaust directly from the bowl. We have designed also bidet shower with thermostat as a addition to the toilet, which is used for personal hygiene and easy toilet maintenance.

Invisible storage space in bathroom

We designed storage space to be on hand and invisible at the same time. We achieved it with embedding of the shelves behind the wall, so on a first sight it is not visible. Mirror cabinet in front of the toilet optical enlarge the space and the bottom part hides a stack for folded toilet paper, stack for liquid soap dispenser, trash can and toilet brush.

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Universal remote control Logitech Harmony 1100

If we want to control all components by one controller, the ideal solution is wiring with Legrand In One with universal remote control Logitech Harmony. You can program this remote to recognize infrarated signals from the other remotes so you can control with one remote all the other components inside a home - TV, computer, hi-fi, blinds, lights and air-conditioning.

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Switches Legrand Galea In One

Each element of intelligent wiring has infrarated sensor, so you can control it with standard infrarated remote control. Switches can be programmed so you can control each light from multiple switches in the apartment. The advantage of this system is that programming can be done additionally.

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Colored lighting scenarios

We proposed color RGB LED lights into the apartment, which can discolor the interior to any of 16.7 million colors. LED strips are placed in all rooms so as they can evenly illuminate the entire interior to the selected shade. LEDs are placed in the plasterboard soffit offsets and under furniture parts on consoles.

photos: Dano Veselský