project: Three bedroom apartment with blue kitchen, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Large apartment, Villa Vista, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Large apartment, Villa Vista, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Luxury apartment with terrace, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Marble flat, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Penthouse, Zlate Moravce, Slovakia

project: Penthouse, Zlate Moravce, Slovakia

Bathroom with a big shower bath with a little sitting step

In spite of frequent demand by young families asking a bathtub for children we used a big shower enclosure with a small sitting step. This step makes the shower more comfortable than a bath and its dimensions allow to use a little baby tube for bathing babies. The mason shower enclosure with a drain contains niches for shampoos and everything is in place.

project: Loft apartment in superstructure, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bathroom with wardrobe and skylight

Bathroom lighting is provided by a dimming ceiling light fitting. Low intensity light can be used as navigation, e.g. when walking to the toilet at night. Maximum light makes an impression of the sky and the bathroom feels like an open cabrio. White epoxy floors and walls are livened up by wood graining on the build-in wardrobe door.

project: UFO apartment with sliding wall, Eurovea, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Three-bedroom apartment, Rezidencie pri Mýte, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Two-room apartment Rozadol, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Large flat Grunty, Grunty Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Large flat Grunty, Grunty Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

The bathroom with brown marble

In the exclusive bathroom we combined brown marble with a simple white tiling in the right proportion, giving the space air of luxury but not the impression of sanitary facilities in a stonemason´s shop. The depth of the bathroom allowed us to merge the shower with the seat into the wet zone for easy showering separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition.

project: Luxury one bedroom apartment, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Sample apartment in conservative design, Rezidence Blumental, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Ikea interior of one-room apartment, Bratislava, Slovakia


project: Sample apartment in Scandinavian design, Residence Blumental, Bratislava, Slovakia

Teak bathroom with basins and bathtup

Smaller bathroom in ski-apartment serves as a night-zone bathroom and contains two basins and bathtub. White sprayed cabinets form contrast to the dark flooring and wooden teak mosaic. For the top surface of the cabinets we used countertop from artificial stone Zodiaq, the same material we used in the kitchen and living room.

project: Ski apartment Semmering - Stuhleck, Austria

Bathroom with rain shower and teak mosaic

Exclusive bathroom in a mountain apartment serves as a cooling bathrom next to the sauna, therefore we have proposed here large shower rain. We overlaid the walls and ceiling in the shower by mosaic og genuine teak wood, which is used in fountains and marine interiors. Other parts of the furniture are made of brushed veneer like the rest of the interior.

project: Ski apartment Semmering - Stuhleck, Austria

project: Two-bedroom apartment Stein, Bratislava, Slovakia

Luxury bathroom with large-scale paneling

Luxuriosly renovated bathroom with toilet has a floor shape of the wall. On the one side are located entry doors, on the other side is located shower with heated stair step. Behind the sliding doors made of frosted glass is located toilet with bidet spray. Bathroom has plenty of storage space, which is designed to be unvisible and accessible at the same time.

project: Luxury apartment reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

Inverse bathroom with view

The design of the grey-wooden bathroom with a bathtub follows the design of the optically connected kitchen. The bathroom was designed as the inverse counterpart of the all-white kitchen. The dark grey gres facing in the bathroom is the very opposite of the white kitchen with a white kitchen top and a white glass screen.

project: Three-room apartment with a concrete wall, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Reconstruction of apartment for rent in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Reconstruction of apartment for rent in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Interior design of a two-bedroom apartment, Bratislava,

Minimalistic bathroom with a mirror wall

Into the minimalist bathroom skylight over a mirror wall brings a natural light. Bathroom includes a stylish enamel sink in a shape of a bowl and bath, which can operate as a shower thanks to a glass screen. The dominant element of the bathroom is mirrored wall, from which go out the lights, wall-mounted washbasin faucet and cabinet under the basin.

project: Minimalist apartment Vinohradis, Bratislava, Slovakia

Children bathroom with a glass wall

The children bathroom with a glass wall contains a bath, a double basin and a toilet. The layout of the bathroom was divided by a low masonry, obstructing direct view of the toilet and serving as a base for the basin and the mirror locker. From the bathroom side the glass wall can be hidden by a curtain.

project: Three bedroom apartment, Residence Kaskady, Bratislava, Slovakia

Gray-white bathroom together with WC

Small bathroom in two bedroom apartment includes sink, toilet, shower and space for washing machine. We designed gray tiles and light tile joints on the walls and on the floor white floor tiles with dark joints. Wall mounted sink faucet ensures easy maintenance. Tiled shower cubicle with floor trough promotes floor uniformity.

project: Two bedroom apartment near the forest, Bratislava, Slovakia

Accessible bathroom

We proposed bathroom in a combination of black gray tiles, chromium fittings, white ceramic sanitary and teakwood of which are made cabinet under the sink and bench in shower enclosure. A special feature of the bathroom is two meters high shower enclosure with washout channel and three parts shower partition. Batroom includes also washing machine with dryer, which we let into the wall.

project: Accessible bathroom, Wolfstahl, Austria

Second bathroom of the apartment

The second bathroom includes a double basin, toilet with bidet spray and brick flush at the same level like is a room floor. Monochrome design of wall tiles and floor tiles makes from the bathroom neutral and universal space, which can be customized according to the taste of tenants. Clear proposed clear design so the purity is easy to maintain.

project: Apartment with two separate residential units, Bratislava, Slovakia

First bathroom of the apartment

Since the apartment is designed to rent, bathrooms are completely tilled, so they can be easily maintain. Black and white bathroom dizajn is universal and so easy to furnished using colorful accessories according to taste of its inhabitants. Mirror cabinets are designed and made-to-measure, door dividing is based on the deployment of the joint veneer.

project: Apartment with two separate residential units, Bratislava, Slovakia

Children's bathroom with gray-white mosaic

Children's bathroom was designed playfully suggested that children should feel comfortable and moderate at the same time, so the bathroom was attractive also after a few years and it was not necessary to rebuild it. Monochrome floor and wall materials let stand out the wooden cabinet under the basins, which also contains main storage space of the bathroom.

project: Large size apartment with terrace, Bojnice, Slovakia

Guests bathroom in a combination of floor tiles and mosaic

Guests bathroom contains of sink with cabinet, toilet and brick shower corner with gutter. In the bathroom we used paneling and flooring from large-scale gres tilrd and in shower we used gres mosaic corner in similar gray-brown shades, which excels in natural wood veneer on the door.

project: Large size apartment with terrace, Bojnice, Slovakia

Master parents bathroom with window to the kitchen

Master bathroom of the apartment has a glass wall oriented to the kitchen as a dominance, which also visually joins day and night zone. Bathroom window is at the first sight unusual element, which has its meaning - when inhabitants use the basins they have plenty of daylight, when using bath, shower or WC they can darken the window using special water-resistant curtain.

project: Large size apartment with terrace, Bojnice, Slovakia

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