Minimalist apartment Vinohradis, Bratislava, Slovakia

In the minimalistic interior near the Carpathian, we used natural materials and warm colors as opposed to the geometrical shape of customized furniture. We designed interior in white-wooden shades that revive warm red upholstery.

In the minimalistic interior near the Carpathian, we used natural materials and warm colors as opposed to the geometrical shape of tailor-made furniture. We designed apartment interior in white and shades of wood, which revives warm red upholstery on the sofa, bench and bed. Technical lights are controlled by intelligent wiring. We proposed a complete lighting into the apartment (in day-zone were necessary construction interventions), LED lighting and built-in audio and video distribution with the preparation for the projector. Sunny apartment has quite dark bathroom - we removed this deficiency with demolishing a window between the living room and bathroom. Bathroom got daylight and added bigger value.

Integrated daily space

In order to maximize feeling of daily size of the apartment, we visually connected to it also foyer area and so we enlarged the whole day-zone area. We accomplished this by removing partition walls and uniting materials in day (and night) of the inlet portion. The room got designer unity that space visually merged, the resulting space operates spacious and airy.

Functional use of materials

All interior components meet the aesthetic and practical function. Gres lined gray wall dominates the day-zone and also protects the wall behind the worktop during cooking. Wooden wall in the living room optically connects the foyer to the living room and provides a comfortable and invisible connection of hifi components in the white box under the TV.

Daylight in the bathroom

We consider daylight in the interior as a significant added value, so we try to get it into the all rooms of the apartment. Here we achieved illumination through a bathroom window between the kitchen and bathroom, which can serve from the kitchen side as a shelf for glasses. At the bottom of the window sill is a white LED strip for lighting of the work surface.

Minimalistic white wooden kitchen on the console

We designed stylish kitchen in a minimalist style. Kitchen wall made of maple plywood covers the entire wall of a room and includes storage space of day-zone. Handle-less opening push-to-open supports clean lines of the interior. We proposed the working part of the worktop on a console, making it easier to maintain and visually increases the floor area.

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Stainless steel kitchen roller blinds

We designed a stainless steel roller blind as a continuation of kitchen worktop. After its openning the worktop will extend the area for roller cover. Roller blind contains items that must be accessible and at the same time when you pull blinds down you can quickly clean up the mess. To the simple kitchen maintenance also contributes white Corian worktop and wall mounted kitchen faucet.

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Living room assembly made of plywood

Living room assembly consists of white cabinets and tiles painted with maple plywood. Wooden plywood pattern in this case is a work of nature in contrary to "wood" laminate decors surfaces. Behind the wall we hid multimedia cabling. For the purpose of manipulation with the cables is plywood siding removable.

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Red customized fabric sofa

We designed all customized upholstered elements into the interior - sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom and also a bench in the foyer. With uniform upholstery material this apartment obtained a uniform design and elegance. All upholstered products are manufactured in high quality precisely made-to-measure in which they are located.

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Optical foyer interconnection with living room

The original entrance hall was separated from the living room by wall partition. We demolished it and let the siding go from the living room to the all the way to the entrance door. This solution optically widened the living room of the area of foyer. Wood paneling in the hallway has a function of wall hanger, white shelf in the living room hides hi-fi gear, passes into the foyer bench seating.

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Hi-fi installation

In our interiors we emphasize the quality of sound and thoughtful deployment of hi-fi components. In this case we made the box for the receiver as a dominant element of the living room wall. LED lights inside the box are switch on with the receiver. Sound system ensures Onkyo receiver and speakers Cabasse Eole.

LIghting of the day-zone

Apartment day-zone contains 8 light sources, which provide all kinds of lighting needed for inhabitatnt's stay indoors. Functional work lighting of the kitchen worktops is provided by diffuse light source - white LEDs, other lamps are dimmable halogens that provide atmospheric lighting of the space.

Dining table with stainless steel socle

Dining table is designed for 4 people, when pull out into the space it is able to provide seating for 6 people. The position of the table we situated so that it was possible to watch TV from that position. We intensified the informality seating with the use of plastic dining chairs in various monochromatic shades that are stackable and storable.

Bedroom with plywood paneling

We designed tiles painted plywood into the bedroom, what we used also in the rest of the apartment. Wooden tiles are combined with mirrors so that when people staying in bed can't see themselves in the mirrors, but due to mirror in the side walls have a feeling of an extended bedroom. We designed and produced the uphostery bed from the same material as the seat in day-zone.

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Optical bedroom extension

On the wall opposite the bed, we proposed a combination of wood and mirrors so that the spaceis visually extended, but at the same time does not disturb residents with mirroring their stay on the bed. Originally a small bedroom so received optical permeability, middle part of the lining that does not act as a mirror operates as a wooden partition in the space behind which is not an additional space.

Minimalistic bathroom with a mirror wall

Into the minimalist bathroom skylight over a mirror wall brings a natural light. Bathroom includes a stylish enamel sink in a shape of a bowl and bath, which can operate as a shower thanks to a glass screen. The dominant element of the bathroom is mirrored wall, from which go out the lights, wall-mounted washbasin faucet and cabinet under the basin.

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Wall-mounted washbasin faucet

Wall-mounted washbasin faucet is a practical solution that simplifies bathroom maintenance because it eliminates a problematic detail of the outlet of a classic free-standing faucet from the sink body respectively cabinets. On the wall behind the sink was designed a large mirrored area, that reflects elements protruding from it - lights, battery and also a cabinet.

Color bathroom backlight

We used colored LED lights that stand out the most in the bathroom in the apartment. When you turn on the lights "ordinary" bathroom turns into a bathroom reminiscent of the hotel's wellness area. Different colors of light recolor the bathroom and it helps to the owners to get a desired mood, there are available 16.7 million colors.

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Photos: Dano Veselský