project: Duplex apartment, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Three bedroom apartment with blue kitchen, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Three bedroom apartment, Pekná Výhliadka, Dúbravka, Bratislava

project: Large apartment, Villa Vista, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Mini duplex apartment, Eurovea, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Luxury apartment with terrace, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Luxury apartment with terrace, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Marble flat, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Penthouse, Zlate Moravce, Slovakia

High bedroom

In the simple white bedroom a noticeable pine structure of the floor is dominant. For the tailor-made bed the same textile as for the lounge suite in the living room was used. The wall opposite to the bed was designed as a wardrobe. The bedroom clearance is the same as in the day zone. Significant cubage of the bedroom means more air and – as a result – better sleep.

project: Loft apartment in superstructure, Bratislava, Slovakia

Bedroom and bathroom with electrically dimmed glass

The night zone consists of the bathroom and the bedroom. In the minimalist bedroom there is nothing superfluous – just a bed, bedside tables and lamps. Storage spaces of the night zone are not in the bedroom, but – unusually – in the bathroom. The bathroom and the bedroom are divided by a glass partition with a sliding door made of a special electrically dimmed glass.

project: UFO apartment with sliding wall, Eurovea, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Exclusive apartment for rent, Panoramacity, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Three-bedroom apartment, Rezidencie pri Mýte, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Colorful interior of a family house, Záhorské Sady, Bratislava

project: Two-room apartment Rozadol, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Apartment for model collector, Stein, Bratislava

project: Large flat Grunty, Grunty Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

The marble bedroom with a bed in the middle of the space

The bedroom has a luxurious look without any kitsch. Natural materials, wood and marble, understand each other as well as the rest of the interior. The bedroom´s big size allowed us to place the bed into the middle, providing space with sensible proportions with the most important element of the room getting the dominant position. Thanks to its storage space the generous bed has firm head and seemingly leans against the wall.

project: Luxury one bedroom apartment, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Two-room apartment Stein, Bratislava

project: Sample apartment in Scandinavian design, Residence Blumental, Bratislava, Slovakia

Master bedroom with amazing vistas

The master bedroom has an amazing vistas thanks to big amount of windows. After twilight vistas disappear in the windows and you can see reflection of interior. To avoid of unwanted effect of reflection and for a feeling of privacy, we have designed semitransparent curtains. To get more room eclipse during the sleep we designed opaque roller blinds.

project: Ski apartment Semmering - Stuhleck, Austria

Flexible bedroom with wooden paneling

In the apartment bedroom prevails a wood of various tones. We have used wooden flooring made from massive oak as a paneling behind the bed, which has also protective function behind the bed against the pollution and scratches.

project: Ski apartment Semmering - Stuhleck, Austria

Cold bedroom with gres wall

We have designed a minimalistic bedrooom without unnecessary decoration, which would disrupt clean design of the space and good sleep of the owner. Gres large-scale wall paneling on the opposite side of bed makes the bedroom chilly, what is the essential precondition for good sleep. Gray bed is custom made of the same fabric as the sofa in the living room.

project: Luxury apartment reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Reconstruction of apartment for rent in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Reconstruction of apartment for rent in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Interior design of a two-bedroom apartment, Bratislava,

Bedroom with plywood paneling

We designed tiles painted plywood into the bedroom, what we used also in the rest of the apartment. Wooden tiles are combined with mirrors so that when people staying in bed can't see themselves in the mirrors, but due to mirror in the side walls have a feeling of an extended bedroom. We designed and produced the uphostery bed from the same material as the seat in day-zone.

project: Minimalist apartment Vinohradis, Bratislava, Slovakia

First bedroom of the apartment

Considering the floorplan proportions of the room we placed storage space of the first bedroom to the only possible place, which is the wall behind the bed. For possible feeling of anxiety from "builded around" the head while sleeping we skipped the parts around the bed, which serve as a bedside tables. Bedroom contains also worktable with a view of the loggia.

project: Apartment with two separate residential units, Bratislava, Slovakia

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