Luxury one bedroom apartment, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

A luxurious marble-floored apartment in Riverpark will be rented to high-end customers. In our design we avoided portentous kitsch and created a really luxurious space made of “real” materials in most luxurious implementations.

A luxurious marble-floored apartment in Riverpark will be rented to high-end customers. In our design we avoided portentous kitsch and created a really luxurious space made of “real” materials in most luxurious implementations. Brushed oak veneer, polished Vantage brown marble and original furniture create exclusive atmosphere corresponding with the apartment´s address.

Cosy luxury

This space proves that marble floor does not have to mean “cold” space without a home-feel. In the interior we put together seemingly contrary characteristics and created a luxurious and warm space, shining, but still giving impression of home. Though the apartment is not intended for everyday family living, it sure would be able to make it.

Luxurious marble living room

The living room is dominated by brown polished Vantage Brown marble that has been used for floors in the whole apartment. Thanks to a textile seating group and a cow hide on the floor it is possible to sit in the living room without slippers. The seating group separates the living room from the dining room and besides the view of the TV set it also provides triple view into the exterior: the Danube, the hotel and a hill.

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Marble-floored black-wooden kitchen

The marble-floored kitchen is nice to look at and nice to cook in it. It consists of tall lockers with doors of brushed oak veneer and of an island with a board made of artificial stone with a hidden kitchen hood. The door into the bedroom, air conditioning vents and working area with a sink behind the shade have been integrated into the tall lockers. A kitchen island with a clear surface looks like a part of the dining room.

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Cooperation of the kitchen and the entrance area

We removed a useless masonry between the kitchen and the entrance hall and connected both spaces. The entrance hall became part of the daytime zone and vice-versa: the kitchen seen from the entrance area and the hall give the first impression of the apartment. And it really works – the neutral hall accentuates and thanks to the mirror even multiplies other parts of the interior.

Light game

Lights besides their illuminating function are important for creating space too. A big black pendant above the dining table gives proper meaning to its position. Slatted lights in the kitchen above the paintings visually live the ceiling up, even when turned off. And in contrary: a white ceiling light in the living room is – when switched off - almost invisible.

Hidden storage spaces in the entrance hall

The hall provides a door to a guest bathroom, shoe locker and storage for coats. In order to let the natural marble structure be accentuated we designed white matted wardrobes that are neutral and almost invisible. A mirror on the wall opposite the wardrobe optically enlarges the space functioning as the last check before leaving.

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The entrance hall with a guest´s bathroom

Modest by size, the bathroom - thanks to strong combination of white colour and marble - is as impressive as the main bathroom. Brown marble on the floor and walls of the bathroom is the same as in the rest of the apartment. Close to the bathroom there is an inbuilt closet with space for coats and shoes. After entering our attention might be attracted by a wine fridge integrated into the kitchen island.

The night time zone with glass partitions

The night time zone of the luxurious apartment contains a wardrobe, a bedroom and a bathroom made of the same materials as the rest of the apartment. For maximum penetration of daylight we divided the space by frameless glass partitions that can be shaded by electric curtains. Thanks to a tailor-made design pull-out storage spaces (for example for ties) were integrated into the atypical bed.

Storage spaces of the night zone with the washing machine in the wardrobe

The storage spaces of the night zone consist of storage spaces in the bed, behind the bed and of a closet in the night corridor. As the apartment is not intended for family life with frequent use of the washing machine or the dryer we hid them into the wardrobe in the closet (as the TV set in the daytime zone). For dividing the space glass partitions are used and the night zone gives impression of one big 38-metres long bedroom.

The bathroom with brown marble

In the exclusive bathroom we combined brown marble with a simple white tiling in the right proportion, giving the space air of luxury but not the impression of sanitary facilities in a stonemason´s shop. The depth of the bathroom allowed us to merge the shower with the seat into the wet zone for easy showering separated from the rest of the bathroom by a glass partition.

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Illuminating the bathroom

Lack of daylight in the bathroom in the darkest part of its ground plan was fixed by surface diffusive lighting integrated into the ceiling and furniture. LED diodes ensure an even source of light similar to the one from the sky. The bathroom is divided from the bedroom by a glass partition that can be darkened by an opaque curtain.

The electric curtain and the extensible kitchen hood

The kitchen island with a kitchen hood resembles a kitchen by the cooktop, but only remotely, since black glass of the cooktop coincides with black artificial stone of the island. The sink was integrated into tall lockers and when not necessary, it can be hidden behind an electric blind. However, if necessary the kitchen can be turned into a fully fledged cooking place, where food can be really cooked, not just warmed.

A locker with a hidden TV

A living room locker consists of a white body with sliding door. At both sides it provides storage spaces for books and glasses, in the middle there is a TV that can be hidden when not used. It means it cannot be seen and does not distract us from three pictures, created especially for this room.

The early-evening kitchen

In the early evening with artificial lights switched on the kitchen and dining hall turn into the warmest place of the daytime zone and the natural wood structure of the brushed oak door is accentuated even more when illuminated by sharp spotlights. After opening the door (part of the kitchen) into the night zone, a view through the whole long space from the living room into the bathroom will emerge.

The transparent night time zone with view of the living room

The concept of the apartment does not expect its use for family life and though the layout allows dividing into day time and night time use, the door between the zones will probably be open most of the time and the whole space will work as one unit. When necessary the bedroom can be separated from the night corridor by an electric opaque blind made of the same material as the one in front of the window.

The marble bedroom with a bed in the middle of the space

The bedroom has a luxurious look without any kitsch. Natural materials, wood and marble, understand each other as well as the rest of the interior. The bedroom´s big size allowed us to place the bed into the middle, providing space with sensible proportions with the most important element of the room getting the dominant position. Thanks to its storage space the generous bed has firm head and seemingly leans against the wall.

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Professional quality of tailored furniture

All furniture was tailor-made, in order to get maximum of the space and to allow us to harmonize it. We paid extraordinary attention to details, bringing them to perfection and giving impression of famous brands. They are exactly as we and the owners wanted them to be.

Photographs: Peter Čintalan