Luxury one bedroom apartment, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

A luxurious marble-floored apartment in Riverpark will be rented to high-end customers. In our design we avoided portentous kitsch and created a really luxurious space made of “real” materials in most luxurious implementations.

Design (visualization) of the wooden kitchen set with the black island

The minimalist kitchen set consists of brushed oak veneer on tall lockers and black material of the kitchen island. The tall lockers together with the wardrobe´s door create a seamless wooden wall, symbolically dividing the daytime and night time zones. The wall is the only wooden element of the day time zone defining it and warming it as well.

Design (visualization) of the living room with the black dining table

The day time zone is dominated by a black dining table with six black chairs, its position being supported by a black chandelier. The space of the living room is defined by a corner sofa with bright fabric, completed close to the dining table by a comfortable armchair with a view of the Danube. In the living room the marble flooring under the TV locker has been drawn up above the wall, under the level of the locker.

Design (visualization) of a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom

The entrance to the night time zone is through a built-in wardrobe accessing the bedroom and the bathroom. A black-and-white combination together with brown marble and brushed oak veneer supports air of cosy luxury. The rooms are divided by glass partitions letting the daylight through the bedroom into the wardrobe and the bathroom. Glass can be shaded by curtains.

Design (visualization) of the marble bathroom with a shower cubicle and a bathtub

A spacious marble bathroom creates a luxurious sanitary core of the night time zone of the apartment. Functionally, we divided it into two parts, the first consisting of a bathtub and shower cubicle separated from the rest by glass, keeping the rest of the bathroom always dry. The second part contains a basin and a toilet bowl with extraction. Thanks to the glass partition the bathroom gets has enough daylight from the bedroom.