Ski apartment Semmering - Stuhleck, Austria

4-room ski apartment used for temporary accommodation is made from natural and durable materials. Wood prevails in the entire interior, flooring uses massive wood, wardrobes are made from brushed veneer, bathrooms have teakwood mosaic.

Ski apartment used for temporary accommodation is designed with natural and durable materials. Wood prevails in the entire interior space, for flooring we used massive wooden parquets, cabinets are made from brushed veneer and in the bathrooms we used teakwood mosaic. On the exposed floor tiles are used gres tiles. Cozy and natural interior provides accommodation for 6 tenants.

Compact kitchen with wooden doors

Kitchen kit with doors is made of brushed and stained oak veneer and in spite of compact size is practical and functional. On the higher level is located fridge with freezer, oven and microwave, aluminum blind for smaller appliances and storage space. There is a dishwasher and trash bin located in the kitchen island. Top cupboards have electrically operated doors.

Living room with vista on the slope

Living room apartment's seating consists of two white fabric sofas and white conference table with pull-out storage space. For table surface we have used a desk from artificial white stone, which is in the regular living conditions almost indestructible. Kitchen countertop and sink use the same material.

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Dining table

We have designed generous dining seating, we assume this part of the apartment is going to be social center of whole apartment. Massive wooden table for six people is completed with black wooden chairs. At the table level we proposed control lighting panel and electric socket for an occasional connection to telephone and notebook.

Surroundings vistas

Good location of the apartment allows guests all day vistas on the nearby hillside. We have designed furniture to keep the windows free and don’t lower the unique view from the daily section. To ensure privacy we added curtains to all windows, in bedrooms are also blinds which can almost completely obscure the areas.

Natural materials

The dominant of the interior are natural materials corresponding with the surrounding environment. For floors we used solid wooden flooring and gray gres tiles. Made-to-measure furniture is wooden with wooden white colors. The remaining accessories are designed in neutral colors that complement the natural character of the interior.

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Rational placement of furniture

Small layout forced us to distribute furnishings rational and effective. The priority was added to the dining table which is considerably big for comfort eating of six persons. We have designed for the same amount of people also living room seating. Space-saving kitchen kit allows comfortable cooking.

Space lighting

We have adjusted the apartment lighting to the inhabitant’s needs, the intensity of the majority of the lighting devices is regulated via dimmer. The hallway is without any day light, therefore we design strong sources of diffuse light. In the day-zone and bedrooms are lights with variable sources, so they can produce different lighting scenes and atmosphere.

Living room with hidden TV

In daily space we hid TV into the cabinet behind the sliding doors. Low living room wardrobe has on the top surface located board made of the artificial stone with holes for ventilation of hi-fi components. On the right of the assembly is a fireplace with electronic burner. Fabric sofa in creamy white color contrasts to the wooden pieces of furniture.

TV inside the cabinet

In some living rooms is TV the center of the room. In this apartment we wanted to suppress the dominance of TV, so we hid it into the cabinet behind the sliding doors. Television is hidden so good and it appears only when needed. High position allows watching TV from all parts of the daily zone of a kitchen, living room and dining room.

Kitchen with fully build-in appliances

We have designed a kitchen without holds to highlight the nature of the wooden veneer on the doors. High cabinets are interrupted only by block of stainless steel blind and built-in appliances. The kitchen doors hide a high-quality interior trim in glass-white design. Hinged doors of the upper cabinets are designed with electrical control.

Interior gears of kitchen kit

Wooden kitchen has all built-in appliances. There is a kitchen blind for small kitchen appliances in the middle of kitchen kit. At the bottom of the cabinet is located pull-out storage space because of the ergonomic reasons, in the upper parts are adjustable shelves in practical terms. Top places have electrically operated folding doors.

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Motor-driven folding doors

There are usually used tailed ironwork in higher cabinets. It means difficult manipulation during the closing of the doors which are in the open position at the ceiling level. Electric controlled ironwork doesn’t have this problem. You can open the doors with gentle touch of the surface and therefore no holds are necessary. Closing of the doors is arranged with switch located in the lower part.

Video recording of the electrical door opening Blum Aventos Servodrive

Brushed veneered doors

Wooden furniture parts are made of stained oak veneer of thickness 2 mm (standard veneer is 0.6 mm) and we let it brush. Brushing means to progressively grind the sufrace of the wooden veneer, when the softer parts of the wood are removed untill only the harder parts remain and so it highlights the wood structure.

Countertop with basin made of artificial stone Zodiaq

Kitchen countertop and basin are made of artificial stone Zodiaq. The artificial stone is one of the best materials for the countertop space of the kitchen because it is hard, durable and it doesn’t contain pores. Among the artificial stones has Zodiaq the best properties in terms of color durability and cleaning. Next to the basin are located drip grooves for the kitchenware.

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Pull-out recirculation digestor in the stone countertop

Cooking panels located in the kitchen island looks effective but usage of overhead digestor hanged from the ceiling can easily suppress this effect. Therefore we have designed digestor in the countertop that can be push out during the cooking to duct steam directly from the source. After turning off it comes back inside the countertop and optical convey into the clean line and open space feeling of the kitchen.

Apartment foyer

We have designed generous ski-apartment foyer, whose space allows welcoming 6 persons at the same time. Gres floor tiles are water-resistant, mirrors located on the sides multiply the space of the foyer. Solid wood bench together with the hanger, despite of the unique design fit the purpose and with their character fit into the interior.

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Optical enlargement of the hallway

Spectacular floor space of the corridor fulfills the function of foyer and also the interconnection of communication between the inlet, day and night zone. We extend this space with mirrors, which we placed on the opposite walls between the corridor and sanitary places. Mirrors in addition to the optical enlargement of the area make also the space curious and magic.


The dominance of the communication space is built-in wardrobe, which divides by its mass the entrance hall from the day zone. Wardrobe has plenty of storage space for all the apartment quests. Large circular lights embedded in the ceiling plan give to the dark space enough light and their intensity can be controlled.

Wardrobe in the hallway

We have specified the wardrobe in the hallway to cover the demands for six adults. It consists of three parts, rails for hanging the clothes on the left, stainless steel shelves for clothes and shoes in the middle designed as pull-out for better access. On the right is door into the separate storage space.

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Master bedroom with amazing vistas

The master bedroom has an amazing vistas thanks to big amount of windows. After twilight vistas disappear in the windows and you can see reflection of interior. To avoid of unwanted effect of reflection and for a feeling of privacy, we have designed semitransparent curtains. To get more room eclipse during the sleep we designed opaque roller blinds.

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Informal master bedroom

The master bedroom has the largest dimensions in plan, many windows, the greatest vistas and also connected king bed. Casual furnishings, unusual lamps and plenty of wood gives to the bedroom cottage look and relaxed character. On the other side of the bed is white wardrobe and dressing table with drawer slide.

Flexible bedroom with wooden paneling

In the apartment bedroom prevails a wood of various tones. We have used wooden flooring made from massive oak as a paneling behind the bed, which has also protective function behind the bed against the pollution and scratches.

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Bathroom with rain shower and teak mosaic

Exclusive bathroom in a mountain apartment serves as a cooling bathrom next to the sauna, therefore we have proposed here large shower rain. We overlaid the walls and ceiling in the shower by mosaic og genuine teak wood, which is used in fountains and marine interiors. Other parts of the furniture are made of brushed veneer like the rest of the interior.

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Toilet bowl with recirculation

Concealed cistern system Geberit Duofresh contains of its own fan built-in to the button and allows circulation exhaust of odors directly from the bowl. The fan soaks the polluted air directly from the bowl, go through the filter made from the activated carbon built-in the button and through the button returns back to the room.

Combinated Finish and infra-rated sauna

We obtained the place for the "professional" sauna at the expense of full-time space, which we consider as a right decision because full-featured suite sauna gives greater added value. Combined Finnish sauna with infra-rated sauna has the capacity of 6 persons and cedar siding, LED star sky and the sound system.

Wall mounted faucet = easy maintenance

When we use free standing faucets in the bathroom the most problematic place to maintain is usually the basin's surrounding. There appear narrow places between the wall and faucet where can be formed water stain and lime scale, which is very difficult to remove. Wall mounted basin faucets eliminate this problem and their design and look can be really attractive.

Rain shower in teak mosaic

We designed spacious rain shower into the master bathroom which also serves the function of chilling shower while using sauna. We overlaid the walls and ceilings of the shower with teak wood mosaic. To ensure the feeling of privacy you can obscure use window blinds special designed for humid space.

Detail of tiles contact, teak paneling and water-resistant paint

Characteristic detail of the shower corner in the master bathroom has three water-resistant materials. On the side walls is used mosaic made of teak wood, the wall with window was smoothed and then used wallpaper treated white water-resistant paint. On the floor as the most exposed area, we have proposed a gray paving from the artificial stone.

Teak bathroom with basins and bathtup

Smaller bathroom in ski-apartment serves as a night-zone bathroom and contains two basins and bathtub. White sprayed cabinets form contrast to the dark flooring and wooden teak mosaic. For the top surface of the cabinets we used countertop from artificial stone Zodiaq, the same material we used in the kitchen and living room.

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Storage space in the second bathroom

We have designed storage space in the bathroom with pull-out drawer cabinets under the basin. These design pieces have inside space from wooden oak veneer. We have applied artificial white stone Zodiaq on the top surface of the cabinets. Cabinets stand on stainless steel shanks.

Detail of shower fittings

Detail of basin fittings

Lavatory with build-in washing machine and dryer

Lavatory uses the same materials like bathroom. It comprises toilet with circulation odor exhaustion directly from toilet bowl Geberit Duofresh, bidet and washbasin. There is build-in cabinet with inside washing machine and dryer located on the right side of the room. Top of the cabinet serves enough space for storage and boiler.

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Wireless sound system Sonos

Sound system of this apartment provides besides receiver and blue-ray player also network music player Sonos. Sonos represents ideal and affordable solutions for multi-zone sound system of several rooms. We have unmuted together 5 zones in this apartment – three bedrooms, day-zone and bathroom with sauna.

Sonos Play 5

Network player Sonos Play 5 contains its own speaker, so it is the ideal solution for the rooms where we do not want to have other speakers. The device can play music from a network drive and from internet, connects via wifi and it can be controlled via phone, tablet or computer. It can act also as a clock radio.

Fireplace with electronic torch

Bio fireplace with electronic burner has the advantage that it can be operated by remote control and it has sensor on the carbon dioxide which in a case of exceeding the values automatically turn off the fireplace. Alcohol reservoir has a volume of 4 liters and after the full load the burn last about 4 hours. Thermal power of the bio fireplace with a length of 40 cm is 6 kW/h.

Speakers Cabasse Eole 3

Sound of the daily space is provided by home theater system Cabasse Eole 3, which means a good ratio price / performance. Speakers have unusual rounded shape and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

Navigation lighting

In apartments which are not used frequently, quests can be lost and orient with difficulties. Therefore we suggest so called “walk to the toilets” – gentle lighting of the walk to the toilets with LED lights that illuminate direction but do not dazzle inhabitants too much to wake them up during the nights.

Photos: Dano Veselský