What counterop for the kitchen?

The kitchen countertop has a huge impact on the overall appearance of the kitchen. Many materials are available but thanks to our experience with kitchen designs we can propose you the best materials as to their appearance, maintenance and durability.

Kitchen board out of mdf board

In spite of the trend of making kitchen tops of artificial stones, in the apartment we used an ordinary mdf board. You can have it for a fraction of the price of a stone top, it suits its purpose in similar way and in combination with a high-quality stainless steel kitchen sink it looks almost luxurious. And unlike a stone top, the mdf is not cold so you can even sit on it.

Countertop with a screen from fibre - wooden board with stainless sink

The kitchen countertop and screen are designed from fibre - wooden board with the surface of the light-gray laminate. The laminate surface, despite its low price, is easy to maintain clean and is resistant enough to a mechanical damage. The gray countertop blends with the stainless steel sink and chrome sink tap.

Wooden worktop in the kitchen with LED lighting

The main lighting of the kitchen worktop are made with LED strips in a profile, which we left to mill to the corpus of upper cabinets. This solution was spatially and energy-efficient and provides enough light for working in the kitchen. LEDs produce diffuse light that is the best suited for work and it does not make shadows like spotlights.

Corian kitchen countertop by DuPont

Unlike Zodiaq artificial stone the Corian artificial stone by a Belgian producer Du Pont resembles plastic. While Zodiaq feels as cold as natural stone Corian feels warmer. Technically, from Corian any shape can be mould. Because Corian is slightly softer than Zodiaq during heavy kitchen duty it can be scratched. However, one of Corian countertops' advantages is their repairability. In most cases the countertop can be "filled" and glossed.

Wall-mounted sink faucet

Wall-mounted faucet located on the wall has comparing to the free-standing faucet a big maintenance advantage - using wall-mounted faucet is kitchen worktop one large piece and you can clean sink surroundings with one movement of cloths. When using free-standing faucet located on a worktop there are formed narrow spaces, where water concetrate and create water plug difficult to remove.

Stainless steel kitchen roller blinds

We designed a stainless steel roller blind as a continuation of kitchen worktop. After its openning the worktop will extend the area for roller cover. Roller blind contains items that must be accessible and at the same time when you pull blinds down you can quickly clean up the mess. To the simple kitchen maintenance also contributes white Corian worktop and wall mounted kitchen faucet.

Huge dining table

We find a dining table the center of family life, therefore we designed it in the maximum size up to the limits of the room. Regarding the actual requirements of a young family of three members, the table has four chairs, but there can be up to eight chairs if neccessary. The white color of the table places it in the kitchen.

Zodiaq kitchen countertop by DuPont

In the pictures a Zodiaq kitchen countertop (sometimes mistakenly spelled Zodiac) can be seen. The artificial stone properties are similar to natural stone. It is very hard and unlike natural stone it does not absorb water.

Countertop with basin made of artificial stone Zodiaq

Kitchen countertop and basin are made of artificial stone Zodiaq. The artificial stone is one of the best materials for the countertop space of the kitchen because it is hard, durable and it doesn’t contain pores. Among the artificial stones has Zodiaq the best properties in terms of color durability and cleaning. Next to the basin are located drip grooves for the kitchenware.

Stainless steel worktop with sink

Stainless steel kitchen worktop has perfect mechanical properties and gives a look of professional kitchen. Stainless steel worktop surface is possible to combine with stainless steel sink without joints into the one single unit. Stainless steel finish of the worktop does not absorb water and therefore is sterile, but for the excellent polishing results is necessary to use special equipment for stainless steel.

Kitchen with massive wooden board

The conservative oak kitchen for seniors includes built-in appliances and the worktop and cupboard doors are made of the same wood, so that the black cabinet within it remains a dominant feature. The stylish tap is easy and practical for using, the glassy screen is made of clear tempered glass and protects the sofa from getting dirty from the kitchen.