Large size apartment with terrace, Bojnice, Slovakia

Large size apartment in Condominium was created by a combination of two 100 meters apartments. Luxuriously spacious layout use quality materials as a dominant - wooden veneer and gres tiles. Large terrace offers nice view on the castle.

Large size apartment in a residential complex Condominium in Bojnice, Slovakia was created by a combination of two "smaller" apartments with average footprint about 100 m². We have created fresh modern interior, where we have used high quality materials corresponding to the lucrative estate. The original layout was useless so we took away all partitions walls and distributions including underfloor heating. The result is worth it, new apartment has a logical zoning, proportional space, large living room and terrace with a views on Bojnice.

Day-zone 78 m²

Day-zone with area close to 80 m² (dimensions 6,5 x 12,5 m) allowed us to design a clear definition of disposition of functional and living residential zones. On the right direction from the entrance of the hall is kitchen, in the middle of disposition is dining table for 8-10 people. For the same number of people was designed also living room seating on the left side from the entrance.

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Spatial fixtures disposition

Individual pieces of furniture in day-zone have clear geometric shapes and are placed in free space, so they do not make around dark and unaccessible nooks. Interior design acts airy and clean and at the same time is comfortable for inhabitants with minimal requirements for maintenance.

Living room

Living room seats are formed with two black fabric seats with white stitching. White coffee tables have different sizes and heights and their configuration can be changed, white color is contrasting to the dark fabric seats. Seating assembly (dining area as well) is placed on a wooden "island", which is warmer and more comfortable than gres floor tiles.

Sliding doors to the terrace

After sliding double-leaf sliding doors we lose an invisible barrier between the interior and exterior, and terrace is merged into one space with total area more than 150 m². Identical gres tiles on the interior floor and on terrace optical unites these parts. Terrace close to the living room will serve a function as a playground in the future.

Wooden kitchen with stainless steel worktop

Spacious day-zone has allowed us to apply island type of the kitchen. Nearly five meters long kitchen assembly with high cabinets contains main storage space. Kitchen island with bar area has boxes on the front and back sides. A special feature of the kitchen is a stainless steel worktop, which contrasts with natural veneer doors.

Supertemporal materials

Thanks to the combination of durable and conservative materials in different shades we have achieved interior design which acts natural and pleasing for looking at the same time. We have designed large-format gres tiles and wooden parquets on the floor, atypical furniture combining wood and white steamy lackquer finish with black and stainless steel elements.

Wooden materials in interior

The interior wood is in several realizations and shades, kitchen and other furniture doors are made of stained oak tree veneer. Wooden separating partition wall between the storage space and main area is made of pine tree-limb veneer. Dining table is made of solid massive oak wood, the same for parquets on the "islands".

Bio fire-place with manual burner

Due to the inability to instal a chimney flue was the use of standard fire-place unrealistic, so we used bio fire-place using alcohol, which does not produce flue gas and its location can be anywhere in the room. Bio fire-place consists of two separate burners, we proposed for them protective glass from the safety reasons. Fire-place length is 1,2 meters.

Dining table made of solid massive oak wood

We have proposed and realized dining table made of solid massive oak wood especially for this interior, so the size exactly fits into the parquet island. Table weighs almost 80kg with dimensions 260 x 100 cm, which means comfortable dining for 6-10 people. We added black chairs with armrests made of lackquer wood to the massive wooden table.

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Stainless steel worktop with sink

Stainless steel kitchen worktop has perfect mechanical properties and gives a look of professional kitchen. Stainless steel worktop surface is possible to combine with stainless steel sink without joints into the one single unit. Stainless steel finish of the worktop does not absorb water and therefore is sterile, but for the excellent polishing results is necessary to use special equipment for stainless steel.

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Turqoise wall as an accent of day-zone

In day-zone we proposed ceilings and most of the walls in white color, to avoid of reducing overall clear height of the interior and let stand out the elements we wanted to highlight. One of these accent is a wall behind the television which we put in turqoise color. Turqoise color of the wall revived white-wooden interior and it became a characteristic element of the day-zone.

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Window between the day-zone and bathroom

Master bathroom is placed in the middle of disposition and it does not have a direct contact with exterior. To ensure a view and illumination we added a glass wall at the full room height between the kitchen a bathroom. Thanks to this solution has bathroom enough day light. Inside the bathroom is curtain which can visually separate bathroom.

Foyer lighting

We proposed large circular lamps into the foyer and bedrooms, which are at the same level with the bottom edge of ceiling. Lamps provide a source of diffuse light, which is similar to day light, therefore they are ideal solution to the rooms, where is very important to get a plenty of steady light in the all hours of the day.

Entrance hall with library

Corridor forms a continued foyer and represent a main communication in the apartment. We proposed here a storage space, which continues and in the middle transforms into the open shelves. Books and personal items give to the functional space a living space character. Thanks to the private library the hallway optically melts with the day-zone into the one single unit, thus visually expand.

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Wooden paneling from limb wood with integrated wicked doors and cabinets

Wooden cubus with limb wood paneling is visible from all sides of the corridor and contains storage space for the apartment. In the entrance part of the corridor is located wardrobe for jackets and shoes, in the other part is closet with washing machine and dryer, on the side of the kitchen is hidden kitchen pantry. Wooden cubus panelling is in the part of the kitchen separated with window into the main bathroom.

Terrace with pergola 78 m²

The large terrace has a similar size as a day-zone part and through a two-leaf sliding doors visually blends with the living room or kitchen. As a terrace flooring we proposed similar motive like in the other interior parts, for the living areas we proposed wooden "islands", which are surrounded by large-scale gres tiles same as in the day-zone.

Terrace sound system and watching TV from exterior

At the first sight the problematic TV location on the opposite side of the terrace window has its advantage. You can watch TV from the terrace and the same time, while guests are watching on the seats and do not block the view to the viewers on the terrace. Watching TV works also even when the window door is closed, the TV sound can be turned on into the speakers on the terrace.

Children's bathroom with gray-white mosaic

Children's bathroom was designed playfully suggested that children should feel comfortable and moderate at the same time, so the bathroom was attractive also after a few years and it was not necessary to rebuild it. Monochrome floor and wall materials let stand out the wooden cabinet under the basins, which also contains main storage space of the bathroom.

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Wooden bathroom accent

In a study to gain a visual clarity and space simplicity we create interiors in decent and non-violent tones so that they excelled the element for which we want to draw an attention. In this bathroom the dominant is a wooden shelf under the sink, which contains the only storage space hidden inside the bathroom, the others are open.

Guests bathroom in a combination of floor tiles and mosaic

Guests bathroom contains of sink with cabinet, toilet and brick shower corner with gutter. In the bathroom we used paneling and flooring from large-scale gres tilrd and in shower we used gres mosaic corner in similar gray-brown shades, which excels in natural wood veneer on the door.

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Doors on the entire room height

The interior doors are designed for the entire height of the room, since the door in the open position do not close the space but operates airy and openly. This type of the door must have the same height as the room, so we could not use standardized doors from stores. We made all doors custom as made-to measure according to the actual heights.

Master parents bathroom with window to the kitchen

Master bathroom of the apartment has a glass wall oriented to the kitchen as a dominance, which also visually joins day and night zone. Bathroom window is at the first sight unusual element, which has its meaning - when inhabitants use the basins they have plenty of daylight, when using bath, shower or WC they can darken the window using special water-resistant curtain.

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Shower and bathtub as one unit

We designed large bathtub with dimensions 2 x 1 meter into the master parents bathroom. This bathtub smoothly continues into the shower stall with brick floors and gutter. Large bathtub is used by parents and also serves to children as a pool, where they can play while parents can see them behind the dining table and have overview about activity inside the bathtub.

Master parents bathroom with closed curtain

Glass wall between the master bathroom and day-zone is an atypical solution thanks to which bathroom gained a supply of a natural light. Daylight gets through the kitchen with south orientation into the bathroom. If necessary, window can be darken with opaque curtain.

Master parents bedroom with a view to the garden

Wood is a dominance inside the master bedroom, so we have designed it on the floor and also on the main parts of the bed frame. Interesting is a bed upholstered rear panel, which serves as the back support while watching TV and also protects the wall behind the bed. Bedside tables with pull-out drawers are at the same plane as the supporting bed frame and together form one compact unit.

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Layout transparency

Layout is maximal transparent and has two vistas, which go through the center of interior across the disposition and offer to the inhabitants views from one side of the apartment to the other. One vista is in day-zone and goes through the main door and hallwaz to the living room, second one is in night-zone and goes from master bedroom across the closet, bathroom all the way to the kitchen.

Children's bedroom with bunk bed

Children's bedroom is designed for two children. Steps to the bunk bed hide also storage space. We chose carefully the material in natural tones to let stend out three colors, which also dominate to the room. Hollow blocks on the right side can be freely moved and so support children's creativity from an early age.

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Work corner in children's bedroom

We have designed two work desks into the bedroom, which will serve as a work area for children in the future. First one is a part of an atypical cabinet assembly, the other one is on the opposite side of the room and has a large magnetic wall above it. Handy storage table compartments are integrated into the table steps to bed.

Storage space in children's bedroom

All our designs of a childrens room try to meet the aesthetic, functional and safety criteria. In a case of this room we put into the steps, which look at the first sight as monofunctional furniture, smart integrated storage compartments. Furniture for children's room are designed and made-to-measure, as well as the furniture designed to the other rooms.

Student room for a girl

We proposed a fresh student room for a girl using glaring green colors, wooden floors and white-gray accessories. Room contains a wide gray padded bed, long green desk and storage space in the form of white wardrobe located on the opposite wall to the window and is the less illuminated. The wood floor patern was chosen by incestor.

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Storage space inside the work desk

In the process of furniture production we try to use its potential to the maximum, and if the situation allows, we design storage space into the unsual places. In student room we used thick desk as a pull-out storage space for storing handy items, stationery and all necessary trifles that you need to have at hand at work.

High cabinets in student room

We proposed the main storage space in student room at the entire room height on the wall on the opposite side of the window that it does not reduce the flow of natural light into the room. Wardrobe is designed in combination with open shelves and closed wardrobe with elegant system of mouts milled into the door wings.

Photos:Dano Veselský