Custom sofas

Grey custom corner sofa

There was necessary to use each centimeter of the living room and sofas from shores did not fit for us with their measurements. Right side of sofa is used for seating during the watching TV. Left side is big and hard enough to serves as occasional bed. Seat cover is grey fabric. We used the same material for bed uphalstery.

Corner sofa with bar table

The main design feature of the day-zone is corner sofa with bar counter. Bar table and plinth of the sofa are made of Corian and forme one part. Both furniture are made-to-measure to fit exactly into the space. The TV is located on stand by the window, this location is perfect for comfortably watching TV from sofa and bar table.

Living room with yellow customized corner sofa

We designed living room accessories of two-bedroom apartment in that way to optical diminish floor area. TV cabinet contains hi-fi and TV component, on the top of the upper part are located hydroponic plants. We have designed and manufactured corner sofa as made-to-measure to extent the maximal space usage, so as well a library on the wall behind the seat.

Red customized fabric sofa

We designed all customized upholstered elements into the interior - sofa in the living room, bed in the bedroom and also a bench in the foyer. With uniform upholstery material this apartment obtained a uniform design and elegance. All upholstered products are manufactured in high quality precisely made-to-measure in which they are located.

Custom made corner sofa

The atypical corner sofa made to order utilizes every single centimeter of the corner and provides comfort to the owners and it is time-proven also. The gray fabric on the sofa is resistant, pleasant for a touch and together with the light fabric carpet gives an impression o a comfortable and nice interior.