Two bedroom apartment near the forest, Bratislava, Slovakia

Two bedroom apartment near the forest will serve to two young people. Simplicity and clean interior lines give to the owner free hands in refining accessories. We designed all the major pieces of furniture as made-to-measure.

Two bedroom apartment in Bratislava will serve to two young people. Simplicity and clean lines of the interior give to the owner free hands in refining interior accessories, which selection. we let on the owner. We designed into the apartment with small floor area all major pieces of furniture as made-to-measure, so that we gained optimal usage of footprint of the apartment.

Living room with yellow customized corner sofa

We designed living room accessories of two-bedroom apartment in that way to optical diminish floor area. TV cabinet contains hi-fi and TV component, on the top of the upper part are located hydroponic plants. We have designed and manufactured corner sofa as made-to-measure to extent the maximal space usage, so as well a library on the wall behind the seat.

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Entry and day-zone

We have designed the apartment materials in subtle bright colors, so we avoid distruption and optical reduction of the apartment. Uniform colors and materials ensure that the space acts spaciously despite of a small floor area. On the kitchen floor we left flooring to seem as a part of the living room.

View from the seat

Sofas are oriented to be opened into the daily space and do not enclose the space. Overhead part of the kitchen worktop and television cabinet dynamize the space. Technical ceiling luminaires complete the stylish chandeliers with dimmable bulbs, which produce walls and ceiling organic shadows.

Kitchen with wardrobe

We have proposed U-shaped kitchen from two standard laminate decors. At the first sight ordinary materials go together and make the kitchen clean and cozy. We have lightened the working part of the kitchen with hanging on the wall. Wardrobe set with wooden decor separates the kitchen from the entrance and works as a wardrobe.

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Foyer separated with wardrobe from the kitchen

In foyer we have removed the original wall betweeen the foyer and kitchen allowing us to extend the space of the hallway according to the thickness of the wall. Wardrobe with sliding doors separates entrance area from the kitchen. We have optical extend the foyer with mirrors, white floor tiles are easy to maintain and it does not take the light.

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Combination of custom furniture and Ikea accessories

In order to retain a reasonable cost, we have designed replaceable pieces of the furniture as typified from the stores. There is used Ikea dining table with chairs, coffee table in the living room and also the carpet beneath it. With choosing the right pieces we achieved the look like we made custom furniture exactly for this apartment.

Gray-white bathroom together with WC

Small bathroom in two bedroom apartment includes sink, toilet, shower and space for washing machine. We designed gray tiles and light tile joints on the walls and on the floor white floor tiles with dark joints. Wall mounted sink faucet ensures easy maintenance. Tiled shower cubicle with floor trough promotes floor uniformity.

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Bedroom with atypical wallpaper with tree motive

Bedroom is located near the forest, therefore we have designed on the wall behind the bed wallpaper with tree motive. We have manufactured the custom bed of the same material as the sofa in the living room. High wardrobes are put against the windows so they do reduce the lightness of the room. Small work area against the bed includes a area for computer and storage space for binders.

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Simple white wardrobe in bedroom

Storage space in the bedroom should be designed to be as far away from windows to avoid reducing the footprint of the illuminated areas of the room. We have designed white wardrobe with doors on the entire wall and it continues also beyond the doors for the maximum use of space. Wardrobe has a matte laminated surface which is easy to maintain and is affordable.

Sonos Play 5

Sonos Wireless Music System is the ideal solution for complex sound space of the apartment. We proposed into this bedroom Sonos Play 5 with its own speaker, which does not require any electrical outlet in addition to cabling. For the operation it needs only network drive and wi-fi router and it can be also used as an alarm and is fully controllable via smartphone.

Workplace in bedroom

In smaller apartments is must to have at least one worplace with table for computer. The workplace was proposed on the console with draw-out storage space under the table board. Table is partially supported by low box for documents and office supplies. Work area act elegantly and clean and it does not invade the harmony od the bedroom.

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Location of the coffee machine

Kitchen should be designed to each appliance has its own place and it does not cause visual mass in the kitchen and everything was quickly at hand. Place should be enough universal to be able to exchanged for another appliance. For small kitchen appliances such as coffee machine we like to use sliding shelves, which we hid behind the doors.

Precision craftsmanship furniture

We can realize our designed furniture in high-quality processing details. In this case we put down the TV panel into the cabinet, so that visible is only tiny edge of the screen. The proposal counts also sufficient ventilation and tow cables. Equally well we have produces a library near the sofa.

Photos: Dano Veselský