Custom upholstered bedding

Bedroom with atypical wallpaper with tree motive

Bedroom is located near the forest, therefore we have designed on the wall behind the bed wallpaper with tree motive. We have manufactured the custom bed of the same material as the sofa in the living room. High wardrobes are put against the windows so they do reduce the lightness of the room. Small work area against the bed includes a area for computer and storage space for binders.

Bedroom with vistas on Danube river

We designed a luxury bedroom on Danube waterfront to act as a one part with the rest of the apartment. We put a wallpaper behind the bed, so it add a charizma to the room and at the same time it protects wall. We designed a bed as made-to-measure made of the same material as sofa in living room. Obscure plaster lamps on the wall operate during the day as a part of wall.

Mini-apartment bedroom on the first level

In the miniapartment was made gallery for sleeping above the day-zone. Besides the bed there is work desk and wardrobe. Bed does not have a regular bed-side tables, but just adjusted sides of the bed. Side closer to the window is cushioned and can be used for seating. On the opposite side is wooden shelf at the level of bed and below it is hinged storage space for bed accessories.

Cold bedroom with gres wall

We have designed a minimalistic bedrooom without unnecessary decoration, which would disrupt clean design of the space and good sleep of the owner. Gres large-scale wall paneling on the opposite side of bed makes the bedroom chilly, what is the essential precondition for good sleep. Gray bed is custom made of the same fabric as the sofa in the living room.