Three bedroom maisonette, Bratislava, Slovakia

Three bedroom luxury duplex apartment is located on the top level of a residential building. Manufactured furniture is from reputed brands, customized furniture is in combination of wooden veneer wenge and black and white paint.

In a three bedroom maisonette a daytime zone with a wardrobe was designed. Compared to the original concept, the original seating area and the TV set in the living room were switched, making more space for proper seating and creating an interesting "fireplace" TV box. As during the renovation the apartment was occupied, we divided the process into several stages with respect to maintaining order and tidiness. The only “dirty” intervention was the adjustment of terminals for ceiling lights and changing the plumbing for a wall kitchen sink tap. Any other changes were designed in a way not requiring any demolition, cabling for the new TV location was run in plinths around the room and in furniture – hidden and not disturbing.

Furniture partition wall between the living room and the kitchen

The characteristic element of the apartment is the atypical wall between the living room and the kitchen interrupted by space for the receiver. From the living room side the white part of the wardrobe hanging from the ceiling serves as a fixture for the TV, whereas from the other side it serves as a kitchen storage area. The black part standing on the floor shelters the settopbox.

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Sitting area in the living room with a natural spirit

The living room set consists of a big comfortable seating group with grey upholstery. A standing lamp next to the seating group may resemble a hairdressing salon, but it provides pleasant and cosy light. Robust pieces of cedar wood serve as handy tables. Natural character is emphasized by a plant on the wall behind the seating group. The hydroponic plant requires no special care.

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Three wood harmony

The predominant white colour livened up by black elements is neutral enough to set off wooden parts of the interior. Oak parquet floor – part of the original apartment – is completed by wenge veneer of kitchen and living room doors and with robust cedar furniture.

Switching the TV set and seating group

Originally, the living room was oriented contrariwise and we had to set it right. By rotating the seating group by 180 degrees and by moving the TV set towards the opposite wall we created a passage into the kitchen behind the seating group making the living room more spacious and coherent. This trivial change changed the character of the daytime zone making it airy and spacious.

Uniform materials in the kitchen and the living room

We separated the kitchen from the living room by furniture that besides its role as the TV and receiver stand offers practical use too. From the kitchen side the upper white part of the wardrobe provides storage area while the lower black part accessible from the living room provides space for the hi-fi components. Wenge veneer doors in the kitchen and the living room are in contrast to the oak floor and they integrate both zones.

Wall tap and black glass screen

All parts of a visually clear kitchen were designed to look well and to require minimum maintenance. The wall tap without openings in the worktop avoided problematic areas where scale might sediment. The black glass screen makes exclusive impression and is easy to maintain.

White kitchen with wenge doors and black screen

Based on contrast of dark wood and white colour, the kitchen is clear and timeless. The worktop is of white Corian and the kitchen screen of black hardened glass mirrors the living room and makes the area optically larger. Dark brown wenge veneer contrasts with upper white lockers and adds exclusive air to the kitchen.

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Dining table for 4 persons

Dining table between the kitchen and the living room with the TV box divides both zones optically. The surface of the table is of artificial stone and its base of varnished white steel. To the white table black chairs were added that can also be used outside. The romantic nook is accentuated by the black hanging lamp.

Living green wall behind the seating group

Hydroponic pots with natural plants were inserted into the wall behind the seating group and within one year they overgrew the entire wall and now they control the design of the living room. During the day they humidify the air, absorb dust and improve acoustics. In the evening when illuminated by spotlights the plants shine and seem to be artificial.

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Corridor terrace of maisonette

The surface of the only terrace in the maisonette is sizeable and it is a pity that its full use is complicated by its corridor proportions. In spite of that there is enough space for a bar and four chairs. In future, the owner plans to cover the terrace and circumjacent walls by wood linking it with the interior even more.

TV location

The original project located the TV set on the wall now occupied by the seating group and the plant. As this solution disturbed the daytime zone, we moved the TV set to the opposite side – on the wardrobe hanging from the ceiling and separating optically the kitchen from the living room. „Necessary evil“ resulted into aesthetic and characteristic element of the apartment.

View from the 19th floor

The main added value of the apartment should be a view of the city, namely Slovnaft. It is a pity that the owner can enjoy it only from the terrace. From the daytime zone the view is blocked by lower parts of the railing serving probably as upturned beams. It really is a pity as from the living room only the sky can be seen.

Illuminated wardrobe with white-yellow lockers

The wardrobe is upstairs in the night time zone. It is designed of standard plastic boards in two colours. For cabinets and doors white glassy laminate was used, back boards are yellow. Somewhere yellow colour shows through open shelves and thanks to its colour it really shines.

Drawer spanning the whole width of the wardrobe

The wall behind the wardrobe recedes in several steps and to maximize the use of space we designed tailor-made lockers of different depth. As one locker is as deep as 80 cm, we designed special metal fitting allowing comfortable access to the stored stuff.

Photographer: Peter Čintalan