UFO apartment with sliding wall, Eurovea, Bratislava, Slovakia

We designed an exclusive apartment on the Danube waterfront, which includes a unique element - three meters high electricallly driven sliding wall separated the rooms. After opening the apartment of size 70 m² gets a large 50 m² living room.

We took the apartment over as an unfurnished space that only had to be furnished. As the original layout and quality of the construction did not meet our requirements we cleared the space (except the load-bearing structure)) and we designed it properly again. We replaced power distribution, wiring, floor structure and partitions. Finding a contractor of the sliding wall was difficult and the realization period was extended by almost one year.

Original state

We took the unfurnished apartment over without wood flooring and sanitary facilities. The original construction was imperfect with uneven floors that had to be levelled even in case of unchanged layout. A firm plasterboard partition in the picture shows the original state of the apartment with the view of Danube still interrupted.

Removing partitions

With partitions removed the space opened up and it gained a character we strived to achieve. Instead of a standard living room we had an airy daytime space that could compete with apartments of different size. The enhanced view of Danube gave the apartment a special feel and added value. And that was just the beginning of the reconstruction.

Removing coating

We designed a self-levelling epoxy flooring giving unique seamless impression with minimum expansion joints. Dilatations of the original anhydride coating followed the original partitions and its unevenness made proper flooring impossible so we removed it and laid it again. Now the floor was finally flat.

New distribution system, floor insulation

The original piping and wiring could not be used so we removed and re-installed them in accordance with the new design. The wire bundle sticking out from the floor will be hidden in the sliding wall. After removing the original floor, topping and insulation we had to lay both layers again properly. Instead of the original paerlite insulation we used one made of hardened flooring polystyrene.

Self-levelling epoxy flooring

The epoxy floor has to be laid onto a totally flat anhydride coating. That is why we had to remove all original coatings and insulations and lay them again. The height differences of the original coating by the walls were significant. Any attempt to make it even would mean that afterwards the front door could not be opened.

Steel structure of the sliding wall

After finishing the construction changes and installing the distribution system everything was ready for the installation of the most important interior element – the sliding wall. It is a welded structure of Jäckl profiles, made directly at the construction site. The sliding wall will be moved by an electric motor in the runner under the ceiling.

Installing cabinets, furniture and facing

In order to spare the floor surface and to have details of contacts between vertical and horizontal constructions clear any partitions were designed as cabinet products. The surface of veneered parts of the furniture is brushed and varnished 2,5 mm elm veneer. After installing the furniture we only had to install sanitary ware and the apartment was finished.