Glass in the interior

Bathroom with wardrobe and skylight

Bathroom lighting is provided by a dimming ceiling light fitting. Low intensity light can be used as navigation, e.g. when walking to the toilet at night. Maximum light makes an impression of the sky and the bathroom feels like an open cabrio. White epoxy floors and walls are livened up by wood graining on the build-in wardrobe door.

Master parents bathroom with window to the kitchen

Master bathroom of the apartment has a glass wall oriented to the kitchen as a dominance, which also visually joins day and night zone. Bathroom window is at the first sight unusual element, which has its meaning - when inhabitants use the basins they have plenty of daylight, when using bath, shower or WC they can darken the window using special water-resistant curtain.

Reconstructed foyer with daylight

Within the reconstrucion of apartment service core we had demolished top partition parts and replaced it with glass skylights, so we gained important daylight into the dark places of the apartment. In the hallway are doors into the bathroom, separated WC and bedrooms. To maximize the backlight of foyer, we designed the bedroom doors from milk glass.