Large flat Grunty, Grunty Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

Large apartment is a large potential changes unless majority supporting walls, like in this apartment. It, despite the limited possibilities of intervention managed to dig function and space to put logic and sense.

Basic data

NameLarge flat Grunty

LocationGrunty Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

Type of the projectProject of completed interior renovation of an existing construction (Interior study, realization drawings of construction‘s modifications, realization drawings of tiles covering areas and bathrooms, design of electric installations and lighting arrangement, drawings of atypical furniture and selection of standardized furniture).

Status of the projectrealization

Planning and realizationRULES, s.r.o.


Period of project08/2014 - 11/2014 (3 months)

Period of realization02/2015 - 10/2015 (8 months)


Interior design3.900 €


Area (without balcony)204 m²

Other information

PhotosPeter Čintalan