Three-room apartment with a concrete wall, Bratislava, Slovakia

Pleasant three bedroom apartment is located on a hill overlooking the city. Clean lines, natural colors and wall art create original and unique feeling. We increased the value of the apartment with logical layout and plenty of storage space.

We did not change the original layout, since it was logical and functional. By minute shifting of partitions we achieved better use of space and as we commenced the design of the apartment before the house construction we could to do it without any demolition

Floor plan 77,2 m² + 14,6 m² (balcony)

01 hall 7,2 m² / 02 corridor 5,4 m² / 03 daytime zone (the living room connected with the kitchen) 30,9 m² / 04 study (children room) 11,1 m² / 05 master bedroom 15,1 m² / 06 bathroom with shower 2,6 m² / 07 bathroom with bathtub 4,9 m² 08 / balcony 14,6 m²

Original floor plan