The interior should be simple, comfortable and easy to clean. We are designing functional and timeless solutions. We also create interiors with broader picture in mind and style, which will be up to date in a few years time. We are working on all kinds of interior projects and we can do indeed realizations of them as well.



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Office equipment, Bratislava, Slovakia

Modern office interior with optimal usage of floor area. Rectangular space was divided into three units - there are ten working places, meeting point for eight people and shared kitchen with storage space. Live plant naturally divides this space. More info »

Office equipment, Bratislava, Slovakia

Three bedroom apartment with wall art, Bratislava, Slovakia

Pleasant three bedroom apartment is located on a hill overlooking the city. Clean lines, natural colors and wall art create original and unique feeling. We increased the value of the apartment with logical layout and plenty of storage space. More info »

Three bedroom apartment with wall art, Bratislava, Slovakia