Luxury apartment reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

At the beginning there was an old devastated apartment needed reconstruction. In area of 51 m² the task was to solve the lack of storage space and do not fill the space with wardrobes. For the maximum usage we designed customized furniture.

Photodocumentation of the reconstruction

Within the reconstruction we retrenched walls, floors and ceilings and again rebuilt. We also replaced plumbing, heating and electro wiring. In consideration of problematic details and sequence of construction steps, the reconstruction work lasted nearly 12 months.

Kitchen in original state

Finishing work

Facing material is large-scale gres. It is a very hard and durable material of high quality, but thanks to its hardness it is problematic to drill into it. Drilling is possible only with core drill with water cooling. This kind of material can be very precisely cut using the water jet machine.

Electroinstallation and plumbing work

Water distribution and waste were in poor conditions, change was necessary. For new projects we usually propose plumbing also with reserve for the future. Normally we do leads for sinks, dish washer, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and condensate diversion from air-conditioning. There was made also new electroinstallation in the apartment, structured cabling and also preparation for multimedia. Cableweb are not acceptable for us, so during the reconstrucion we inlet all the cabeling into the walls. Therefore is essential to begin with building works after the end of whole project.

Construction works

After the demolition remained on the floor plain concrete pavement. Instead of the original floor layers we had put 5cm of toughened polystyrene on the top of the concrete slab and we covered it with foil and welled concrete screed with reinforced steel. We used 9 tons of concrete. We let the original plasters retrenched on the problematic areas and make it again, we used 3 tons of material for walls. We scraped from the color plasters in good conditions. Construction works lasted 20 days.

Security doors installation

Screed grinding

Plastic windows, electric shutters with winding mosquito net

We have replaced original windows for plastic with the same division as the original one. Because of the frame thickness saving, the frame of the living room window was made from one piece, which was not possible to deliver using the stairs. The only way how to get the window into the right place was pulling the rope. We cut out the wall upstand under the original window, so we widened the overall height of the window. The apartment has electric shutters with winding mosquito net.

Cladding works

After measuring we found out that the original bathroom had crooked walls. Since we have designed relatively heavy large-scale siding, we retrenched walls back to the brick and again rebuild and tiles were glued on the new walls. Tiling and installation works in this bathroom lasted 4 weeks, since the bathroom was quite small to fit two people at the same time.

Plasterboard soffit

The apartment has a new wiring kept under the original ceiling and covered by plasterboard ceiling. To avoid of further optical strip reduction, we designed all lights to be embedded, what means to be at the same level as plasterboard. These lights are difficult to instal but when looking at them no framing is visible, only illuminated plexiglass. We let the plasterboard soffit blade two times, making the ceiling perfectly straight.

Heaters and air-conditioning

We proposed air-conditioning and heat pump inverter with two indoor units. This type of air-condition can even reheat the apartment during the transitional period. Condensates from the indoor units are brought up into the sewage, connection indoor and outdoor units were realized in the soffit.
The original balcony was completely destroyed – rotten balcony sheets, original screed was weathered and fell apart. We fixed the screed and made a new tinworks. Tiles, which are the same like the paneling in the rest of the apartment, were glued on the top of the special elastic pad, which also aligns the different materials expansion and prevents of tiles fainting.

Floor leveling and laying of parquets

For craft work where is equally important the quality of materials and installation, we cooperate with firms that provide selling and also complete realization. In a case of troubleshooting there is clear the responsibility and it does not appear shifting the liability between dealers and installers.

Interior doors

All doors are custom made in Italy, we ordered bedroom doors like semiproduct without the surface finishing. We let the interior doors to blade together with the rest of the kitchen to have the same color.

Manufacture of sofas and beds

We have our own manufacturer who produce seats and beds for us and produce everything in premium quality. Although people think that mass production can ensure higher quality, we have the opossite experience – mass production brings slight deviations which in custom manufacturing does not appear and if so, it can be easily removed. Another advantage of the custom contract is unlimited choice of materials and colors.

Wardrobes installation

Custom made wardrobes use the space of the apartment very well. Compared to the conventional "rolldoors" where the bottom rail is attached to the floor and top rail into the ceiling, the guides of the sliding hinges are directly inside the body of the wardrobe - it eliminates usage of the classical rails as a "dust catchers" and also do not deteriorate surrounding with the necessity of punching.

Kitchen furniture installation

High gloss white kitchen was custom made exactly according to our design. Since it was a corner kitchen, which should exactly fill the space of niche, realization was difficult in measuring - each part of the kitchen had to be measured and produced step by step. Part of the kitchen we put on the wall bracket. Kitchen acts airier and floor under the console is easy to maintain.

Installation of kitchen countertop made of artificial stone

Finishing work

Facing material is large-scale gres. It is a very hard and durable material of high quality, but thanks to its hardness it is problematic to drill into it. Drilling is possible only with core drill with water cooling. This kind of material can be very precisely cut using the water jet machine.