Price list

Space measurement


2 weeks

Before commencing the design works the project of existing state in .dwg format is required. If you do not have it, we can survey the area and digitize it. As for the projects outside Bratislava we also charge travel expenses as quoted in the price list of other services.

Layout solution


4 weeks

The layout design is needed for efficient improvement of ground plans and for getting first idea of their possible use.

Interior study

from 50€/m²

12 weeks

The result of the study are space visualizations using real furnishing elements and materials. The price applies to interiors above 100 m². The price for one room design is 40 € / m².

Execution plans

from 60€/m²

12 weeks

In the realization project we prepare detail drawings necessary to appraise and to realize the project. Part of the realization project is a list of elements and pricing of realization. The price applies to residential interiors and does not contain professions.

Execution project and coordination of specialists

from 50€/m²

8 weeks

Author's supervision

*free / 40€/hod

If you order a turnkey realization from us, you do not pay for the author´s supervision, since we realize the project with craftsmen, who do not need a supervision. If the interior is realized by companies unknown to us we charge an author´s supervision according to the price list of other services.

turnkey solution


When realizing our turnkey project it will be dealt by competent and well synchronised craftsmen and companies, so the result will meet the quality of our previous realizations.

List of area and elements, price offer of realization


6 weeks

I want interior design