About us

The first version of personal homepage rules.sk was launched in 2007 during the working process of Lesňák Rudolf in Vienna and contained schoolwork and competitions created in school or at home. In 2009 after returning he based studio RULES along with Tomas Huliman and Milan-Greg Jakub, who at that time were studied in school. The team took special care on the choice of new colleagues. The company took more talented young architects who do the studio brought their own ideas and creations. The result is designs that connects purity, taste and timelessness. Currently we have 16 architects and over 50 implementation.

2007 / 1 person / home

2010 / 3 people / studio 15 m²

2011 / 5 people / studio 45 m²

2012 / 8 people / studio 90 m²

2015 / 17 people / studio 190 m²