Entrance halls

project: One-bedroom apartment Manhattan, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Large apartment, Villa Vista, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Three-bedroom apartment, Rezidencie pri Mýte, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Two-room apartment Rozadol, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Apartment for model collector, Stein, Bratislava

project: Large flat Grunty, Grunty Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

Hidden storage spaces in the entrance hall

The hall provides a door to a guest bathroom, shoe locker and storage for coats. In order to let the natural marble structure be accentuated we designed white matted wardrobes that are neutral and almost invisible. A mirror on the wall opposite the wardrobe optically enlarges the space functioning as the last check before leaving.

project: Luxury one bedroom apartment, Riverpark, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Ikea interior of one-room apartment, Bratislava, Slovakia

Apartment foyer

We have designed generous ski-apartment foyer, whose space allows welcoming 6 persons at the same time. Gres floor tiles are water-resistant, mirrors located on the sides multiply the space of the foyer. Solid wood bench together with the hanger, despite of the unique design fit the purpose and with their character fit into the interior.

project: Ski apartment Semmering - Stuhleck, Austria

project: Two-bedroom apartment Stein, Bratislava, Slovakia

Foyer as a part of a day-zone

We have designed entrances to the luxury apartment in that way to on the first sight show that this is not an ordinary reconstruction. Doors to wash area and bathrooms are made of frostee glass with to the entire height of the room. MIrror on the foyer wall optical extends this corridor and multiplies the effect of the perspective. As a floor covering are used largescale gres floor tiles, on the left is wooden wardrobe.

project: Luxury apartment reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Reconstruction of apartment for rent in Petrzalka, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Interior design of a two-bedroom apartment, Bratislava,

Optical foyer interconnection with living room

The original entrance hall was separated from the living room by wall partition. We demolished it and let the siding go from the living room to the all the way to the entrance door. This solution optically widened the living room of the area of foyer. Wood paneling in the hallway has a function of wall hanger, white shelf in the living room hides hi-fi gear, passes into the foyer bench seating.

project: Minimalist apartment Vinohradis, Bratislava, Slovakia

Main hall with daylight

The original ground plan contained a hall and a night corridor without daylight. We connected them and created a hall with a central wooden cube with storage space. By bigger opening into the living room and by glass partitions into the bathroom and the study we let daylight into originally dark space.

project: Three bedroom apartment, Residence Kaskady, Bratislava, Slovakia

Reconstructed foyer with daylight

Within the reconstrucion of apartment service core we had demolished top partition parts and replaced it with glass skylights, so we gained important daylight into the dark places of the apartment. In the hallway are doors into the bathroom, separated WC and bedrooms. To maximize the backlight of foyer, we designed the bedroom doors from milk glass.

project: Apartment service core reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Photographer's interior, Petržalské Dvory, Bratislava, Slovakia

Foyer separated with wardrobe from the kitchen

In foyer we have removed the original wall betweeen the foyer and kitchen allowing us to extend the space of the hallway according to the thickness of the wall. Wardrobe with sliding doors separates entrance area from the kitchen. We have optical extend the foyer with mirrors, white floor tiles are easy to maintain and it does not take the light.

project: Two bedroom apartment near the forest, Bratislava, Slovakia

Entrance part of the apartment for seniors

The corridors in the apartment are designed to be spacious enough even when residents are less mobile. Next to the main door there is a mirror, a bench with a cabinet for shoes and coats. Playful and at the same time regular composition of openings in the corner of the closet looks great, the shelves can be used for handbags, but also as cabinets for vases.

project: Three bedroom apartment with winter garden, Bojnice, Slovakia

Entrance hall with wooden staircase with storage space

Entrance hall in the passive house is made of the same materials as the rest of the house. We designed understaircase storage space to not reduce the effect of air stairs. Out of the closet we did contrasting element to the wooden stairs. Creamy big sized gres tiles is durable, warm and comfortable fits to the ash wood floor in daily part.

project: Passive wooden house Ecocube, Čunovo, Slovakia

The entrance hall as a part of the central space

The entrance hall of the apartment creates one space together also with day-zone, so we desugned cabinets with a similar design as the rest of the room. On the left side there is a wardrobe which includes storage space for coats, pull-out shelves for shoes and space for a washing machine with dryer. On the right begins kitchen set with a bar seating.

project: Apartment with two separate residential units, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Model apartment with a front yard, Trnava, Slovakia

Colorful entrance hall of the family house

A radical fresh approach to interior design is obvious when entering the very first room of the house - foyer. We revived the dark vestibule without natural light with a bright wallpaper and the space used for the wardrobe was optically compensated with a mirror along the entire height of the wall to visually enlarge the space.

project: Interior design of terraced house, Vienna, Austria

project: Modern interior bungalow with exposed concrete ceiling, Bratislava, Slovakia

project: Model apartment, Trnava, Slovakia

Entrance hall with library

Corridor forms a continued foyer and represent a main communication in the apartment. We proposed here a storage space, which continues and in the middle transforms into the open shelves. Books and personal items give to the functional space a living space character. Thanks to the private library the hallway optically melts with the day-zone into the one single unit, thus visually expand.

project: Large size apartment with terrace, Bojnice, Slovakia

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