Low-energy detached house, Bratislava, Slovakia

One-storey single-family house is economical due to the compact design and properly facing windows. Comfort of the residents is secured by advanced technologies - heat pump with cooling, heat recovery ventilation and smart wiring.

Basic data

NameLow-energy detached house

LocationBratislava, Slovakia

FunctionSingle family House

TypeNew building



PlannerRULES, s.r.o.


Project09/2009 - 05/2011 (20 months)

realisation07/2011 - 08/2012 (13 months)


Architectural study1500 €

Complete project13.000 €

Realization195.000 €

Construction price per m²1300 €


Living area223 m²

Area of balconies, etc.45 m²

Built-up area299 m²

Site area995 m²

Number of bedrooms6

Heating energy demand22 kWh/(m²a)

Project elements

WallsXella Ytong

floor insulationExpandovaný podlahový polystyrén EPS 100 hrúbka 250 mm

wall insulationPolystyrén EPS 100 hrúbka 200 mm

roof insulationExpandovaný podlahový polystyrén EPS 100 hrúbka 250 mm

WindowsDrevohliníkové okná s trojitým zasklením

FacadeBiela omietka, silikátová

WiringLegrand Bticino

Other information

PhotosDano Veselský