Three bedroom apartment with winter garden, Bojnice, Slovakia

Three bedroom apartment interior for an elderly married couple was designed in a conservative style according to the taste of the future residents. On the area of the terrace we created a winter garden, which doubled. the original day area.

We designed an interior of a three-bedroom apartment for seniors according to their taste in a conversative style. The area of former terrace was used as a winter garden, which extended the original size of a day zone. The neat interior is easy to clean with natural materials, modern and traditionaô features are in harmony and give an impression of home.

Conservative living room for seniors

We used natural and verified materials which look comfortable and cozy in the living room for seniors. A comfortable sofa set made of light leather is in a contrast with natural oak wood and therefore it is the main feature in the interior. Bright colors and materials ensure that the interior does not look dark.

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Extending of the floor plan by adding a winter garden

The original day zone was insufficiently spacious, therefore we extended it by adding the winter garden to it, which not only added a few meters, but also provides a view of the sky and to the garden. The result is a space with plenty of daylight, the best contact with the exterior and, of course, it is the most favourite place for spending time of the residents.

Winter garden with a dining table

The winter garden is an attractive place mostly during those nice winter days when the sun shines and temperature in the interior is a little bit higher than in the rest of the apartment. A massive wooden table for 6 people has chairs made of the same leather as the sofa set. Protection from the sun is ensured by folding blinds on the roof windows and curtains on the vertical windows.

Traditional living-room seating

The comfortable living-room seating in light leather is cosy, resistant and conservative with its massiveness with dignity represents comfort that elderly people deserve. It includes sectionals features, two armchairs and a sofa, therefore it does not seem overwhelming. The light leather is resistant and will look good after occasional family visits with little kids.

Kitchen with massive wooden board

The conservative oak kitchen for seniors includes built-in appliances and the worktop and cupboard doors are made of the same wood, so that the black cabinet within it remains a dominant feature. The stylish tap is easy and practical for using, the glassy screen is made of clear tempered glass and protects the sofa from getting dirty from the kitchen.

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Optical integration of cabinets for glasses

In the interior for seniors there should be enough storage space for porcelain, glasses and other objects which should be visible and if possible without necessity to clean it. On the right side from the entrance to the day zone we designed a seating with a cabinet with a glass door, the second one is designed in the kitchen as a loose extension of the block with an oven. Both of them function.

Entrance part of the apartment for seniors

The corridors in the apartment are designed to be spacious enough even when residents are less mobile. Next to the main door there is a mirror, a bench with a cabinet for shoes and coats. Playful and at the same time regular composition of openings in the corner of the closet looks great, the shelves can be used for handbags, but also as cabinets for vases.

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Foyer with doors high to the ceiling

The apartment has no separate closet, therefore most of the storage space is designed in the wardrobes in the corridor. Regarding optical linking with the day zone we took a lot of time and designed the closet as an exlusive piece of furniture with white varnished doors and wooden insides as well as the doors which are as high as the walls.

Master bedroom for seniors

In the master room for seniors you won´t find any open shelves and unnecessarities, which would make the room look overwhelming and would need to be taken care of, besides a library. The residents can sleep longer instead of dusting, which was exactly our goal. The room has a sense of a neat and clean hotel apartment, where it is pleasure to fall asleep.

Folding bed in a guest room

A guest room is mainly for occasional overnights.When the bed is folded, the floor is united and room serves as a playground for kids. The open shelves are for storing books and other kids´ toys. The room includes a closet and desk.

View of the shower and toilet in the bathroom for seniors

The bathroom´s design is according to the resident´s requests, it includes a shower corner, bathtube, sink and toilet. The white colored floor, features and walls was softened with brown-white mosaic and wood veneer, which appeared on the doors and the board behind the toilet. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible, but comfortable enough for elderly people.

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Bathroom for seniors - view of the sink and bathtube

The bathroom was the only room about which there were arguments between the residents. Each of them had their own idea of its design, one wanted a bathtube, the other one a showe corner. We managed to designe both, the bathtube and the shower corner, in the bathroom, even the in traditional sizes. We did this regarding the high level of aesthetics of this water resistant space.

Photos: Dano Veselský