Model apartment, Trnava, Slovakia

The interior of the model apartment, we have designed as a simple and glib space quickly without opozerateľných trendy elements. Custom furniture used every centimeter of space, leaving enough space for the daily life of future residents.

While solving private residential interior our work caught a developer´s eye who appointed us for an interior design of a model apartment in his next project. In addition to the interior design of the apartment we chose standard furnishing features. The two - bedroom apartment had a good disposition, which can be changed according to anyone´s requirements of a loving home.

Visuzalization of white wooden kitchen of the model apartment

We proposed a kitchen of the model apartment with enough of storage space available to eliminate possible shortage of it, which is a common problem in small apartments in general. High cabinets are placed on the opposite wall facing the window, so they do not shade the day part and its airiness is not disturbed as well. The second part of the kitchen is based on the contrast of white cupboards and black glass screens.

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Visualization of view from kitchen to entry hall in the model apartment

We try to optically unite spaces in smaller apartments, so they look bigger. Wooden kitchen cube contains kitchen cabinets in the day part and a wardrobe from the side of the entry hall. Same material of the kitchen cube links the daily zone and entry hall into one large space.

Visualization of model living room

Model living room includes a comfortable sofa in a gray fabric, which is neutral and lets the wooden decór of the cabinets and wood flooring to be dominant. Pale yellow wall behind the sofa makes the room cozier without drawing too much attention on itself. Carpet visually separates the living room from the day part.

Visualization of model entry hall

We designed the entry hall as a generous welcoming space, which includes only a rack and pouf for sitting down. The rest of storage space contains a wardrobe, which was designed with wooden lining, extends to the kitchen and is part of it. Wooden kitchen cube is functionally different from the rest of the apartment and visually expands and extends the daily zone.

Visualization of model bedroom

We designed white wardrobes covering the entire heigth of the wall as storage space in the bedroom. The main feature of the room is a double - bed with a headboard of the same material as the wooden floor. The green bedroom wall added freshness and optimism, the white carpet along the whole bed brought warmness and cosiness.

Visualization of model bathroom with ceramic lining in wooden decór

We designed the model bathroom made of ceramic tiles in wood decór that we used on the floor and walls. Keeping in mind a reasonable ratio of wooden lining and white areas, the bathroom gives an impression of cleanness and cosiness. Due to our late entry into the project our proposed design of the bathroom couldn´t be realized.