Mini-apartment with gallery Eurovea, Bratislava, Slovakia

Two-storey studio is one of the smallest apartments in the multifunctional complex Eurovea. In spite of a small apartment floor plan with total area of 45 m², we succeeded and made a full-value living space for two people.

Two-storey studio is one of the smallest apartment in the multifunctional complex Eurovea. In spite of the limited floor space of the apartment with the total area of 45 m², we have managed to create a full-value living space for two people. The most interesting area is gallery - bedroom, which is separated from the rest of the apartment by curtain. Inside the interior of this "two-level studio" - we used the same materials to act harmoniously and optically separated this small space into even smaller units.

Living room with sofa and bar

Minimal floor plan sizes of the apartment forced us to integrate functions. Living room is represented with TV stand, coffee table with storage space and sofa with Corian plinth, which continues into the bar table in the back side. This solution created great views from the window and also view on the TV from the all parts of the apartment.

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View on Dunabe river (and TV)

We proposed furniture of this small apartment to use the main additional value of the location, what is the amazing view on Danube river. From all parts of the day-zone - from the bar table and sofa is view on Danube river and TV. On the top of two-level space we designed a big hanging chandelier, which is the dominant of the area.

Corner sofa with bar table

The main design feature of the day-zone is corner sofa with bar counter. Bar table and plinth of the sofa are made of Corian and forme one part. Both furniture are made-to-measure to fit exactly into the space. The TV is located on stand by the window, this location is perfect for comfortably watching TV from sofa and bar table.

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Two-two level space

Two-level living room adds an airy feeling into the whole apartment. There could possibly appears "chimney effect" of the small and high space, which we suppressed with large hanging chandelier by designer Fontana Arte Avico. At the top of the space is bedroom separated from the day-zone with curtain, which can make the room darker and also works as an acoustic barrier.

Mini-apartment bedroom on the first level

In the miniapartment was made gallery for sleeping above the day-zone. Besides the bed there is work desk and wardrobe. Bed does not have a regular bed-side tables, but just adjusted sides of the bed. Side closer to the window is cushioned and can be used for seating. On the opposite side is wooden shelf at the level of bed and below it is hinged storage space for bed accessories.

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White coffee table with storage space

Each custom furniture piece has to be aestetic and functional at the same time. In this apartment was necessary to maximize every square centimeter of space - minimalistic coffee table hides inside storage space for magazines and remotes. Custom sofa formes an one piece with the bar table behind it.

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Photos: Dano Veselský