Living room with kitchen, Meinl Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

Delicate interior of a small apartment with a touch of romance we designed for a young couple who meet the ideas of living. Warm earthy colors and the right mix of standard and atypical furniture give the area a relaxed atmosphere relaxing.

Basic data

NameLiving room with kitchen Meinl Residence

LocationMeinl Residence, Bratislava, Slovakia

Type of the projectArrangement of uncovered space with furniture without construction adjustments

Status of the projectrealization



Period of project07/2014 - 08/2014 (1 month)

Period of realization08/2014 - 10/2014 (2 months)


Interior design1.000 €


Area (without balcony)34 m²

Number of bedrooms2

Other information

PhotosDano Veselský