Interior design of terraced house, Vienna, Austria

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We designed furniture into a small - scale family house without additional construction modifications. According to the owner's requirements we proposed interior in vivid and fresh colors with wooden decor on the doors and turquoise walls.

We designed the interior of a small - scale family house without any structural modifications. Regarding owners´ requests dominant features in the house are bright and fresh colors, which were combined with wooden decór in the kitchen and gray fabric on the sofa. The result is an original and cozy interior, which cost less than it may seem at the first look.

Fresh and non-sterile day zone

The design of the day zone satisfies the requirements of the owners, who asked for a fresh and playful interior. We achieved it with a mix of blue and green colors and white-wooden accessories. Different colors and materials are together in harmony and create a cozy and cheerful home responding young age of the future residents.

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Minimalistic living room furniture with TV

Width of the white cabinet optically determines where the living room is. It consists of low cabinets and a rear panel to hide wiring connecting the TV and hi-fi components. The cabinet block was divided into three modules, the left part next to the window is used for placement of the hifi components, the remaining storage space were designed to be closed.

Colorful wall as an characteristic feature of the interior

The dominant blue wall responds to the request of the owner, who wanted a cheerful and colorful space. The colorful wall has become a characteristic feature of the interior and clearly defined the color spectrum in the house. Colors of other features and elements were chosen regarding the color of the wall.

Dining table replaced the former seat

The dining table was placed in the space of the stairs, which was originally planned for a sofa with fireplace. Although the table is not directly in the kitchen, but it is still close enough for a comfortable movement between the kitchen and dining room. The sofa we moved into the free space in front of the stairs, which gained it respect and plenty of space.

Living room with a blue wall and wallpaper

The living room in a family house includes a white TV cabinet, white coffee table white and gray fabric sofa with green ottoman. The generous dimensions of the central space between the kitchen and dining room allowed us to place the sofa in the space so it is not leaning against the wall from any side. This solution gives the area neatness and airiness.

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White - wooden kitchen in the corner with a bar table

The small space, originally planned for the kitchen, was insufficient for daily using of the kitchen. We did not respect the imaginary boundaries of the kitchen defined by the construction and shoved the kitchen to the living room, with which it optically merged. We managed to integrate the often requested feature in the kitchen - bar seating for a quick breakfast.

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Traditional materials in the kitchen block

The kitchen assembly of a small - scale house is made of those the most ordinary laminate materials, but we made it so that they look nice and original. The wooden decor in combination with white cupboard doors and gray countertop with a screen create a pleasant contrast that gives the relatively cheap kitchen style and charisma.

Countertop with a screen from fibre - wooden board with stainless sink

The kitchen countertop and screen are designed from fibre - wooden board with the surface of the light-gray laminate. The laminate surface, despite its low price, is easy to maintain clean and is resistant enough to a mechanical damage. The gray countertop blends with the stainless steel sink and chrome sink tap.

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Colorful entrance hall of the family house

A radical fresh approach to interior design is obvious when entering the very first room of the house - foyer. We revived the dark vestibule without natural light with a bright wallpaper and the space used for the wardrobe was optically compensated with a mirror along the entire height of the wall to visually enlarge the space.

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Fotos: Dano Veselský