Interior design of a living room with a kitchen and dining room, Bratislava, Slovakia

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A design of the living room, kitchen and dining room in the residential complex Tarjanne in Dubravka, Bratislava . The pleasant interior design with natural materials looks timeless and luxurious, thanks to its carefully worked-out simplesness and details.

A design of a living room, kitchen and dining room in the residential complex Tarjanne in Bratislava Dubravka. The pleasant interior design with natural materials looks timeless and luxurious, thanks to the simplicity and details we worked-out carefully.

Visual connection of the living room and foyer

The living room was designed as optically linked with the foyer, so it looks as one unit. The multifunctional cabinet in the living functions like a workplace, bar, pot for the hydroponic plants and tv cabinet. The multifunctional cabinet fluently changes into a bench seating with the same cushioning as a corner sofa in the living room.

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Moderate timeless materials

For the day zone we chose a proven combination of high quality materials without useless decorative features. We created a pleasant and cosy interior with timeles design, which will always be nice. The materials are gray fabric, gray lining in the kitchen, white dull paint, wood in two shades and a green plant.

Huge dining table

We find a dining table the center of family life, therefore we designed it in the maximum size up to the limits of the room. Regarding the actual requirements of a young family of three members, the table has four chairs, but there can be up to eight chairs if neccessary. The white color of the table places it in the kitchen.

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Custom made corner sofa

The atypical corner sofa made to order utilizes every single centimeter of the corner and provides comfort to the owners and it is time-proven also. The gray fabric on the sofa is resistant, pleasant for a touch and together with the light fabric carpet gives an impression o a comfortable and nice interior.

White dull kitchen on stainless legs

The kitchen with living room in one room influences the atmosphere of the day zone, therefore we designed it without visible storage space, so it looks clean all the time and does not interfere with the neat design of the living room. The stainless legs make the mass of the kitchen cabinet under the worktop made of synthetic stone optically lighter.

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Timeless white

The kitchen cabinet doors and dining table are designed in white dull paint, which makes the interior look lighter and together with black chairs leave the parquerty floor and the wooden parts of the furniture to be the dominant feature. Thanks to the detailed carpentry work the kitchen fitted perfectly with the grooves on the wall tiles.

Internal equipment of the kitchen with a built-in washing machine

The high kitchen cabinets have a minimalistic design and are equiped with great and work-out to the details storage spaces and appliances. Besides common appliances the kitchen includes a washing machine and this solution saves a lot of space in a bathroom. The speciality is a sliding cabinet in the right part of the kitchen, which includes two sliding shelves accessible from side.

Multifunctional living room assembly

The geometrically easy looking cabinet made to custome has more non-visible functions than it may seem on the first sight. Besides the visible book shelf there is also a storage space for hydroponic plants and other parts with a bar or it may be used as a table for work. The assembly changes into a seating in the foyer.

Bar inside the living room assembly

The living room includes folding feautres with different possibilities of use. In the first part on the left from the TV there is a bar. Just flip up the board and start pouring. In the foyer there a cushioning in the white shelf for owners to sit down when putting on or off their shoes.

Occasional working corner in the living room

Regarding the limited dimensions of the living room we could not design a proper work place, therefore we designed this place for occasional work. You can just flip up one of the elements in the cabinet assembly, bring a laptop and chair belonging to the dining table and this work in your temporary home-ofiice.

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Hidden pots for the hydroponic plants

The TV cabinet assambly is custom made and includes the pots for the hydroponic plants. Growing hydroponic plants in apartments is very convenient because there is no soil needed, therefore there will not be a problem with insects living in soil. Thanks to the custom made design of the cabinet assembly the TV is almost in the cabinet´s surface.

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Photos: Dano Veselský