Apartment service core reconstruction, Bratislava, Slovakia

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For someone reconstruction means replacement of an old furniture and repainting the walls. For us reconstruction changes quality and add a value. In this project we brought needed daylight into the dark rooms inside of panel house.

For someone reconstruction means replacement of an old furniture and repainting the walls. For us, the reconstruction changes the quality and add a value. In this project we brought a light into the dark rooms inside of prefabricated panel house apartment and we gave them what they had missed the most - daylight. The main problem of an old prefabricated panel houses are cramped and dark entrances and also sanitary facilities. In our proposal, we enlarged bathroom about the size of the original corridor and brickwork above the door replaced with skylight. Standard prefabricated panel house so received more positive atmosphere without dark corners.

White kitchen with red wall

This kitchen proves that for achieving good effect is sometimes enough to properly select few right materials. Along to white door color stands out red screen made of tempered glass. Cabinets above the worktop do not extend to the ceiling to fit here skylight in the bathroom. In hight kitchen cabinets are at the first sight the door to the pantry almost invisible.

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Shiny surfaces = easy maintenance

Kitchen should serve a function for daily cooking, therefore we have designed it from materials which are easy to maintain. White Corian kitchen worktop forms one unit with sink. In the kitchen are shiny materials the easiest places to maintain, so we used them on cabinets and shower enclosure. High cabinets have a depth only 35 cm, what means comfortable access to their content.

Wall-mounted sink faucet

Wall-mounted faucet located on the wall has comparing to the free-standing faucet a big maintenance advantage - using wall-mounted faucet is kitchen worktop one large piece and you can clean sink surroundings with one movement of cloths. When using free-standing faucet located on a worktop there are formed narrow spaces, where water concetrate and create water plug difficult to remove.

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Reconstructed foyer with daylight

Within the reconstrucion of apartment service core we had demolished top partition parts and replaced it with glass skylights, so we gained important daylight into the dark places of the apartment. In the hallway are doors into the bathroom, separated WC and bedrooms. To maximize the backlight of foyer, we designed the bedroom doors from milk glass.

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Bathroom in renovated apartment service core

Renovated bathroom has an advantage of daylight over its original solution. We proposed here a shower and bathtub, basin and space for a washing machine. When we are talking about the sanitary components inside a prefabricated panel apartments, here are used materials are in a high standard with quality implementation ensure comfortable longlasting bathroom use.

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Storage space in renovated service core

In bathrooms without natural ventilation we use closed storage space, we do not store here towels and linen. Mirror cabinet above the sink provides plenty of space for toiletries and appliances. Pull-out cabinet under the sink is used for storage of detergents and washing powders.

Photos: Adam Slanina