Apartment furnishing Eurovea, Bratislava, Slovakia

We designed furnishing inside of rental apartment as universal and commercial, to dazzle a candidate at the first sight. We proposed design of living room and bedroom. Charismatic space charmed the owner so he left it for his own use.

We designed furnishing at a rental apartment as universal and commercial, to dazzle a candidate at the first sight. Charismatic space had charmed the owner to that way that he changed his mind and left the apartment for his own use. The design contained furnishing of the living room with the kitchen, hallway and furniture in the bedroom. We have tuned the interior to the furnishing and materials delivered to the apartment within the higher standard. We proposed to the apartment wallpapers, sofa, bed, lights and bedside tables. Materials and colors were picked to let the characteristic element stand out - non-standard green wallpaper, which was used in the living room and bedroom. Apartment is located in Eurovea, Bratislava.

Living room with green wallpaper

Stylish living room with vistas on Danube feels cozy despite a simple and clean shapes.We put down a television to the furniture so that they act as one unit. Cabinets under the TV hide hi-fi components and serves as a planter for hydroponic plants. Corner sofa has a folding backrest so it can serve as a bed.

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Sofa with vistas on Danube river

Corner sofa is placed to that position so it allows views on Danube from all sites. Thanks to the a folding backrest it allows to adjust the angle of the backrests. Luxury green wallpaper is located in living room and bedroom. We added to the wallpaper a carpet which matches with wallpaper. Black coffee table has a glass surface.

Cabinet for TV with a live plant

We put down the TV cabinet panel to the one level with TV screen, so when it is turned off it merges with the cabinet. We built in into the cabinet also front speakers of a home cinema. In the extension white part of the TV cabinet are hydroponic planters with live plant.

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Folding corner sofa

Corner sofa has each part separately hinged, what allows adjusting of the angle of seating and comfort of residents. Although this is not a classic folding sofa, backrests are able to be fold down into the horizontal position, which will serve as an occasional bed for two people. We designed and manufactured bed in the bedroom from the same fabric as this sofa.


Since the kitchen was delivered together with the apartment and was nice and functional, we did not have a reason to change anything. On the contrary, we considered kitchen materials and colorts as a starting base when choosing the other furnishings. According to the materials of the kitchen we picked also the unique green wallpaper, which we used in all rooms of the apartment.

Live hydroponic plant in the cabinet under the TV

We chose the live plant into the interior near Danube river as opposed to the electrical installarions in the apartment, which produce electromagnetic smog. We placed the plant into the hydroponic pots, which we hid into the extension of lower television cabinet. This plant requires minimal care, so it is perfect also to an apartment for rent.

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Bedroom with vistas on Danube river

We designed a luxury bedroom on Danube waterfront to act as a one part with the rest of the apartment. We put a wallpaper behind the bed, so it add a charizma to the room and at the same time it protects wall. We designed a bed as made-to-measure made of the same material as sofa in living room. Obscure plaster lamps on the wall operate during the day as a part of wall.

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Bedroom furnishing

We solved the bedroom furnishing similary as in living room. We proposed here a bed with bedside tables, wall-mounted and free-standing table lamps, draperies, curtains and wallpaper. We made the bed as made-to-measure from a fabric, which we obtained from the manufacturer of seat, so we tuned materials. Bedroom has a permanent vistas on Danube river.

Partition wall made of glass

Glass partition wall between the living room and foyer gave generosity and airy to the apartment. We sticked mirrors on the walls in foyer what visually multiplied the area.

Photos: Dano Veselský