Terraced houses Sun Garden, Bernolákovo, Slovakia

We proposed terraced houses as an alternative solution of housing in the new housing development Sun Garden in Bernolákovo. Homes for young people are designed as semi-detached and terraced houses of different sizes.

Visualization of the front of two-storey houses no. 20 - 25 facing garden

Style of the houses is designed to speak to young people, clients with high expectations will be satisfied with the disposition and logical space arrangement. We connceted interior and exterior by using large windows facing the garden and sliding doors on the first storey.

Visualization of the front of two-storey houses no. 20 - 25 facing street

The front of the buildings keep its playful architectural notion with smaller windows which make an impression of privacy. The wood-like facing of the houses tones in with the house and visually divides it. The houses have a roof above the front door. There are 3 parking lots in front of each house.

Visualization of the front of two-storey houses no. 4 - 14 facing garden

Two - storey middle - sized houses offer a smaller building area, therefore we used the whole second - storey for rooms without balconies.The huge wooden terraces facing the garden are parcially covered with a wooden overhead pergola. We detached neighbouring areas with wooden walls between the terraces and with green fence between the gardens.

Visualization of the front of terraced bungalow no. 15

We propsed a one - storey house with a flexible space arrangement according to the local regulations located on the side properties. Number of the rooms as well as their size is possible to modify according to client´s requirements. Low height of the house gives an impression of humanity and the terrace with a wooden pergola has a notion of a cottage.

Visualization of the sample living room interior in houses no. 20 - 25

Design of the model living room interior is proposed without using significant items to appeal the widest range of potencial residents. Most of the furniture excluding the kitchen is mass - produced and made by IKEA therefore it is available for people without excessive spending of money.

Visualization of the sample kitchen with a dinning room in houses no. 20 - 25

Simple kitchen is proposed as an atypical bespoke piece of furniture to maximize the use of the space and to assess the floor plan. White matt paint on the door of the cupboards gives an impression of neatness and lets other elements of the interior be dominant - chairs, cladding and floor which we designed in wooden décor.