Terraced houses Sun Garden, Bernolákovo, Slovakia

We proposed terraced houses as an alternative solution of housing in the new housing development Sun Garden in Bernolákovo. Homes for young people are designed as semi-detached and terraced houses of different sizes.

Logical and clean space arrangement will offer a comfortable living without no necessary further changes. Keeping in mind different daily regimes of a variety of family members, we divided the place into zones which will ensure their functioning without conflicts. The floor plans and sizes of the rooms are informative and modifiable. We proposed various floor plans of the houses, in the bookmark " Files" on the right you can find exact placement of the houses on the properties.

Floor plan of 5 - room two - storey family - house no. 20 - 25 ( useful area approximately 127 m² without terrace, built - up area approximately 78 m² )

The biggest house has 5 bedrooms. Day part is on the first floor, the second storey is night part. Foyer is wide enough with a lot of space for storing. Storage and toilet with shower bath is accessible from foyer. The house has 2 possible floor plans. One in which is the master bedroom with a view of the street and day part is orientated to the garden. The second one where the master bedroom has a view of the garden and day part faces the street and garden. A bathroom, separated toilet and 3 bedrooms are in night part upstairs. The house does not include a separated wardrobe, but there is a space for built - in wardrobes in each of the rooms.

Floor plan of 4 - room two - storey house no. 4 - 14 ( useful area approximately 102 m² without terrace, built - up area approximately 64 m² )

4 - room house is vertically divided into parts. On the first - storey is an entrance and day part. Foyer is long enough for a wardrobe. Day part has a view of the street and the garden and is spacious enough, therefore it can be accommodated according to the owner´s imagination. The second - storey is night part with 3 bedrooms and bathroom with toilet. We designed bedrooms to fit built - in wardrobes along the whole width of walls.

Floor plan of 4 - room one - storey family - house no. 15 ( useful area approximately 88 m² without terrace, built- up area approximately 108 m² )

One - storey house has a flexible disposition which makes it possible to modify bedroom and day part. The house has a comfortable foyer, separated toilet, bathroom, spacious day part and three bedrooms accessible from day part.