Low-energy apartment houses, Wolfsthal, Austria

A set of apartment houses with low area apartments was designed compactly and easily, so they can be realized for a reasonable cost. Affordable homes meet high criterias for aesthetics and low-power consumption.

The neighbourhood consists of ten apartment houses, which are composed of two types of newly designed houses. Houses A1 - A4 have unilateral south orientation, B2 - B6 are east-west orientated. B1 is a renovated house.

Urban solution of set of apartment houses

Apartment houses "A1 to A4" are of one type and we have placed them to be a barrier between the inner block and the railroads. Living rooms of these houses are mainly oriented to the south. The apartments on the first floor have terraces and private gardens, the apartments upstairs have loggias along the whole south front side. Apartment house "B1" is a reconstruction of the original house. Aparment houses "B2 to B6" have apartments oriented to the inner block between them, so the most of the living rooms is oriented to the east, if you like to the west. The apartments on the first floor have large terraces and private gardens, the apartments on each floor are accessible from the exterior stairs and their loggias are designed as independent, thermally separated constructions.